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Staying Peaceful When You're Overwhelmed

My peaceful view from my computer desk. The holidays are always overwhelming aren't they?  This year has felt a bit more so than usual for me I'd say.  God has given me an opportunity to practice what I preach. What I preach (or rather how I try to live each day) is peace .  Peace in all circumstances.  At all times.  No matter what.   It sure is easy to be at peace when life is going your way and things are basically status quo. It is much harder to stay in peace when the circumstances of your life are not easy for some reason. My reason is that I have to have surgery to repair a torn ACL and meniscus.  In other words, I have been limping and balancing on one foot for a month since I blew out my knee at my sister's house.  It was an innocent accident (a minor collision while dancing in our pjs in her living room) but I heard the characteristic "pop" and my knee no longer wanted to stay in alignment.   Unfortunately, I had a terrible fall a week

What Do You Need Permission To Do (Or Not To Do) This Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas baking season?  This year I am going to be in the kitchen more because we are staying home for the entire vacation and have no company coming to visit.  This is bittersweet as we may be a little lonely after skyping with our families who will be together far away in North Dakota. Still, I have a deep sense of relaxation heading into this busy time of year.  One major sense of peace has been the result of my decision to forgo sending out Christmas cards this year.  My cousin and I were texting about how neither of us had a family photo or the time (or desire) to get this task completed in a rush.  Then I remembered the first page of my art journal from t he e-course with BrenĂ© Brow n . It was a page of permission slips. (see photo above ~ I added the Christmas hats to bring these permissions with me into the holidays) We were to draw slips and write down things we gave ourselves permission to feel, do, or not to do.   With this in mind I suggeste