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What I Am Looking Forward To Right Now {Little Bliss List}

What I am looking forward to right now... 1. Going for a walk outside in the sunshine today. 2. Treating myself to a Starbuck's and a pedicure this afternoon.  Woot woot!  (My feet are so  not sandalicious these days.) 3.  Going out with my husband this weekend on our second date this month.  Amazing.  A record for us. 4.  Seeing the Hunger Games with a friend sometime next week. (I haven't even read the books but am going anyway.) 5.     starts on Monday.  Can't wait to spend more virtual time with Liz Lamoreux .  If you don't know her you should check out her comforting blog be present, be here . 6.  Pulling weeds .  I know it sounds weird but I am looking forward to getting it done. 7.  Taking part in the April Photo Challenge  on Instagram with Paper Coterie .  You can too! 8.   Holy Week and Easter are almost here bringing blessings in so many ways.   I hope you have lots of things to look forward to this weekend!

Waves to Weeds {PHFR}

~PRETTY~   Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that we live on the Atlantic Ocean. Growing up in the most landlocked location in North America taught me to love the horizon, the wide open spaces, to see the humble beauty in the waving wheat and bobbing sunflower fields.  Yet life has brought me here, to the water's edge, its own wide open space and an endless horizon. ~HAPPY~ There are times in my life when I cannot get enough of books.  March was a month like that for me.  Today I awoke at 3:33am (does this mean something?) and could  not get back to sleep.  All I could think about was this stack of delicious word sandwiches waiting for me downstairs.  By 4:00am the coffee was poured, the candle lit and all that was left was to make the choice of where to begin.  (I began with The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything by James Martin S.J. ) ~FUNNY~ KC must wear this glove (backwards) on his right hand whenever he plays outside lately.  Ye

Oh Camellia {photopoem}

a luscious profusion of pink perfection gobs of cotton candy stuck by giddy children all over evergreen buttercream centers sweet tart petals falling delicately  into pink puddles below how have I lived this many springs never witnessing such casual elegance on every corner dark green leaves silent all winter but knowing their Springtime would come and they would become the star of the sea side and this girl's heart Sharing here... Creative Everyday

Nature Edition {Little Bliss List}

1.  Redbud Trees in bloom.  My current favorite. 2.  Foggy morning walks into the mysterious beyond . 3.  Mr. Mistysmornings completing a half-marathon last weekend and our whole family heading to the beach (along with way too many other people) to celebrate him. So what if it took us an hour to locate one another ~ being in a sea of people is a bliss all its own ~ right ? 4.  Raindrops on pansies and patios (and POLLEN bursts!).  Oh, how I adore rainy days in Springtime.  Especially when they are accompanied by flashes of lightening and crackles of thunder.  Nothing says cozy like warm rainfalls, cups of coffee and time to read~ read~ read. 5.  Fresh starts.  We all need them. Right now, I need one and this change of seasons has brought new vigor to my creativity.  I am eager to bake, read, write, blog, photograph, Smash* and garden.  What about you? I hope your weekend brings you time to indulge in your creativity, too! Sharing here

Foggy Morning Fun {PHFR}

~PRETTY~     It was so foggy this week that several neighboring communities put school on a two hour delay.  That was my cue to grab the camera and get outside for a while.  Dew hung in droplets on every leaf and twig, mist swirled over ponds and secreted the horizon.  At first glance the woods appeared gray and dark but as KC and I explored a bit, we found several bursts of color and mystery.  These pink and green pods were by far my favorite  discovery. ~HAPPY~   While I snapped, KC dribbled his mini basketball and clung to his Hot Wheels car.  Just seeing his joy made me happy. ~FUNNY~ Unfortunately, our visit was cut short in order to get KC home to a bathroom.  Ha ha! ~REAL~ Even spider webs become beautiful scraps of lace when brought out of the shadows covered in mist.  This truly was a misty morning. :) Sharing here...

I Love It {52 Photos}

::  I Love It  :: Week 48 Photo Gallery Prompt   The first beach outing of the season (and my red Rimmel nail polish !) is what I am loving these days.  If you're like me, you'd prefer to keep this mild, not-too-hot-not-too-cold weather all summer long.  Alas, it will not last and soon even a trip like this to the ocean will leave me sweaty, sunburned and sleepy .   For now, though, nothing beats an isolated afternoon visit to the sun-warmed sand , the water yet too sharp to swim in, watching little boys fling shovels-full into the air and seeing sea birds nosedive for unseen snacks underwater.  It may even induce some trashy novel reading (not by me of course) but I may have seen other women paging eagerly through historical romance novels such as Outlander by Diana Gabaldon for the tenth time. ..  

Coffee Steam at Picturing God

So happy to be sharing my Coffee Steam photo over at the Picturing God photography blog from Loyola Press.  I'd love it if you'd stop over there and leave me a comment today.  Thanks!   Where might you see God today?

Cinnamon Swirl Irish Soda Bread {TWD ~ BWJ}

        I feel kind of sorry for that plain, pasty looking round of Irish Soda Bread.   Taking it out of the oven and setting it down beside the cinnamon sugared version made it look like it came to the party and forgot to get dressed.   Let me just emphasize how utterly delicious this bread was.  It reminded me of the cinnamon scones I used to buy at Starbuck's years ago.  The crumb is dense and if you eat it while still warm, it is as moist as a buttermilk biscuit.  To think that from start to savor it took only about one hour to make this bread is the best part of this recipe.  Oh and the fact that it has only four ingredients plus one in this case being the cinnamon sugar.  Another beautiful aspect of this recipe is that it is a one bowl~no rise~basically no knead dough.  Simply stir it up in a bowl with a fork, dump it out, knead it for one minut