Waves to Weeds {PHFR}


Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that we live on the Atlantic Ocean. Growing up in the most landlocked location in North America taught me to love the horizon, the wide open spaces, to see the humble beauty in the waving wheat and bobbing sunflower fields.  Yet life has brought me here, to the water's edge, its own wide open space and an endless horizon.

There are times in my life when I cannot get enough of books.  March was a month like that for me.  Today I awoke at 3:33am (does this mean something?) and could  not get back to sleep.  All I could think about was this stack of delicious word sandwiches waiting for me downstairs.  By 4:00am the coffee was poured, the candle lit and all that was left was to make the choice of where to begin.  (I began with The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything by James Martin S.J. )

KC must wear this glove (backwards) on his right hand whenever he plays outside lately.  Yesterday he fell asleep on the way to soccer practice and we ended up sitting in the van for an hour while he napped (not a great thing at 5:30pm).  Needless to say I had a little buddy late into the evening last night.


Weeds, weeds and more weeds!  I have a LOT of work to do in the yard as the weeds have sprouted faster this year than you can imagine.  They are everywhere.  I was photographing outdoors the other day and began snapping close-ups of these invaders.  Looking back at these photos now I see that even weeds have their own unique beauty. If only my flowers could grow as heartily.

round button chicken


  1. Great photos! I love the glove on backward. Oh, the things they come up with sometimes :)

  2. Hi Misty!

    LOVE your beach pictures! I feel the same way! Your little man is an accessories guy- just like mine, I think. He never grew out of it!

    Great photography! Great book ideas!

    Many thanks for sharing, again :)

  3. Great ocean photos!

  4. I spied Bringing Up Bebe on your shelf. I blogged about it recently:
    I'm interested to hear what you think of the book.

  5. I've been noticing our weeds, too - but it's a bit colder now, so I think they can wait.

  6. Love the pictures - I have to agree with you, living on the Atlantic is really cool. and I don't even like the beach!


  7. Oh the beach! You lucky girl! Beautiful!

  8. If you can get through The Jesuits Guide, God bless ya, girl! I have so many starts and stops with that book, but not because it's not a terrific read. That's the very problem. It's so good I have to put it down for a few days to digest it. Tons of great material in the book.

  9. Oh your pretty is so pretty! Your little guy is so cute. Oh the weeds... growing like crazy already here! :)

  10. I just love all of this for so many reasons.....I looked at the weeds in my garden the other day and as I pulled them, I ACTUALLY looked at them! Beautiful in their own way...agreed! And the ocean? I feel the pull of it all the way in Central Virginia.

  11. Weeds are real, that's for sure. Can't let them get you down! Keep your eye on those waves!


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