KC at Three {PHFR}


He is our third son, our last child (unfortunately), our small family's biggest blessing.  KC will turn four in May.  Today I felt like capturing his three-ness in this week's PHFR.  In the above photo, I caught him doing what he does best ~ playing by himself.  As we move throughout our days at home, side by side, I in the kitchen, he in the living room, I will often overhear him making up stories for his beloved trains and cars, carrying on hilarious conversations between Batman and Spiderman, or battling his Ninjagos with full battle sound effects.  His brothers taught him so well.


Just last week my husband's friend said he has never seen KC when he didn't have a smile on his face.  While that isn't always the case, 99.9% of the time he is really happy.  He has brought so much laughter into our lives with his funny vocabulary ~ Motas for Thomas, Beecy for Percy, Mac'n for macaroni and cheese, bassik for basketball.  He is also great with  making up numbers like fivety-thirty and eleventy sixty.  We will miss his lispy "yes" someday but for now he makes all around him enjoy life just because he is little.  RW nicknamed him "Cutesy" and whenever he calls KC cutesy he replies adamantly, "I am NOT cutesy!"  to which we all dissolve into giggles.


Yesterday while getting his haircut, I noticed his Crocs were two different colors.  He did this on purpose.    Choose your battles, right?  This morning for breakfast, I found him standing on a stool putting a frozen chicken patty into the microwave and trying to decide which button to push to get it started.  He already had the ketchup out on the table!  Now if I can only teach him how to make coffee...

KC was a very chubby breastfed baby who would probably still be nursing today if I hadn't cut him off when he was nearing 2 1/2!

His favorite animal is a shark and his Uncle's lemon shark (named Sharky by KC) both thrills him and terrifies him when we visit their house.

KC is our best sleeper ~ in the van, on the sofa, in front of the computer, even at the dinner table, when he is tired he needs.  his.  sleep.  right.  now.

KC loves when we take self-portraits on my phone but he insists they all be in black and white.
  This one's for you KC, with all our love.

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round button chicken


  1. What lovely, lovely photos. That second one is especially great.
    What a cutie pie!

  2. I love the first photo - but they're all nice. Interesting that he prefers the black and white.

    That shark would sure terrify me!

  3. Great pictures! He is def a cutie.
    Very sweet post :)

  4. Very cute.....love all the photos.


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