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Just popping in to say Happy Fall!   I hope you find time to get outdoors this weekend to stomp some crisp fall leaves underfoot.   It does wonders for the soul.

PHFR: Post Election Day Funk

PRETTY Isn't Mrs. Romney a lovely woman?  Even if you aren't a fan of her husband's, it is hard to deny that this woman has a certain lightness of spirit and elegance that seems very natural. Add to that the fact that she is suffering from MS and she is, for me, quite inspirational.  Living as we do in the battleground state of Virginia, we had the chance to see the Romneys and on this day, I was able to shake the hand of the woman I thought would soon be the FLOTUS.  As we all know, that was not to be and the past 36 hours have been a shock to the system.  I guess there were just so many indicators that they would win.  No president in history has won re-election with unemployment so high, approval rating so low and the momentum appearing to be with his opponent.  It would have been easier to take had I been prepared for the loss but I was convinced our country could see that we needed a real businessman for a leader.  I was wrong and many of my friends and family wer

Candied Sweet Potatoes

*From the archives* With Thanksgiving only 16 days away, I have been busy planning my meal.  We are hosting my in-laws and possibly a few friends.  This recipe for syrupy sweet potatoes is my favorite and is perfect for making a few days in advance. If you are looking for an ooey gooey, marshmallowy coated sweet potato recipe then you are  not  in the right place.  However, if you are looking for a  simple, make ahead sweet potato recipe  that  lets the sweet potato flavor shine, this  is  the place.   First of all, let's not worry ourselves with the yams -vs- sweet potatoes debate. Either one will be delicious in this recipe so buy some orange-skinned potatoes and get peeling. Slice them lengthwise and then cut each piece in half again. Tumble them into a large casserole coated with non-stick spray. Dust them with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg and a pinch of salt. Snow them with sugar and dot with butter. Drizzle in some Karo syrup. Mmmmmmm...