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PHFR: Post Election Day Funk


Isn't Mrs. Romney a lovely woman?  Even if you aren't a fan of her husband's, it is hard to deny that this woman has a certain lightness of spirit and elegance that seems very natural. Add to that the fact that she is suffering from MS and she is, for me, quite inspirational.  Living as we do in the battleground state of Virginia, we had the chance to see the Romneys and on this day, I was able to shake the hand of the woman I thought would soon be the FLOTUS.  As we all know, that was not to be and the past 36 hours have been a shock to the system.  I guess there were just so many indicators that they would win.  No president in history has won re-election with unemployment so high, approval rating so low and the momentum appearing to be with his opponent.  It would have been easier to take had I been prepared for the loss but I was convinced our country could see that we needed a real businessman for a leader.  I was wrong and many of my friends and family were quite literally in mourning yesterday.  Not over Romney per se, but the realization that the American Dream as we knew it has died.  As Rush said on his radio show yesterday, it is awfully hard to beat Santa Claus (and I would add his media elves). My eyes were opened yesterday.  I don't think any Republican candidate could have won.  For that I feel saddened.  But I am also renewed.  I can refocus on the one place that I can have the most influence on the future - my home, my children and my community.  I just wish Mrs. Romney would write a parenting book on how to raise boys!

 Eggnog lattes are back!  So is the holiday season.  I am so ready for this and am in need of a little goodwill toward all.

This is KC snuggling his new stuffed toy puppy named Slush.  We cannot have real pets in our home due to my allergies to all animal dander so this is as close as we come to the real thing.

Ahhh, the tragedy of the pre-lit tree after seven long years of use.  The poor thing has been nick-named the Zebra tree.  And yes, I am unashamedly putting up the tree and decking the halls in anticipation of an early Christmas celebration with my in-laws over Thanksgiving.  This is the first time in years that our little family will not be flying home to North Dakota for Christmas.  We are excited to stay put, enjoy Mass in our home parish and have Santa come down our own chimney.  As for this tree, I have already restrung lights on top of dead lights.  It is quite a twinkly sight!


  1. Oh, Misty. My husband and I are in mourning, too. It's been a hard four years, a hard week, and now another tough four years in store. I'm trying to keep my positive perspective.... And resisting the urge to "hibernate" with escapist books and a plate of cookies!

    1. Hibernating is totally allowed for at least one day!

  2. I agree, no Republican candidate could have won...something I'd never see happen in the United States. Columbia, Iraq, any corrupt country, yes. Here, no. Sad, very sad.

    PS I hate to bust your St*rbucks bubble, but their president recently endorsed Obama ( and their company strongly supported the "Anti-traditional-Marriage" referendum that passed in the state of Washington ( ). Maybe you already knew all that, but just in case you didn' might find a new place for those eggnog lattes.

    1. Thanks Barbara but I don't really get into boycotts of companies because of their owner's beliefs. I would probably have to stay home!

    2. Yes, I do, a lot (stay home)!

  3. I am not Catholic but I am a Christian and I don't understand how any moral people let that pro-abortion issue become the reason they vote for Democrats. but obviously they do.
    Yes, Mrs. Romney is very pretty and gracious- for sure a role model for Christian women.

  4. Oh no, this will be our pre-lit tree's 7th Christmas too! :) It is an interesting effect though.
    KC and Slush are adorable.

  5. I was pretty upset after the election as well:( then I got the reminder that we are to live each day as it is precious and to remember that God is good and we will make it thru the next 4 yrs.

  6. I know several folks who took needed to hibernate yesterday (including me). It was a shock to the system. Pray, pray, pray. :)

  7. Beautiful and real, too. Your feelings mirror my own.

    The good news is we believe in the hope that comes from an invisible God. I can't build my life or hope on the shifting sands of any politician or my appearance or how much money is in my bank account or will be thanks to Obamacare and the crashing economy; I have to build it on the rock of loving and serving God and others. Easier said than done right now but still a worthy pursuit.

    God bless you.

  8. So many of us are feeling the same way. We'll keep the faith for better days and Christ will see this through.

  9. Ann Romney is truly a very classy lady. Lucky you to get up close! And thanks for posting!

  10. Leila, I love Ann Romney as well. I wish they were in the white house. It just doesn't seem right. =( But I agree with Amy above, for some reason God has allowed for this moment in time to happen for a reason, and as His little children we must lean on Him some more. I also was so very upset. I have never been so upset in my life. But the past few days I have used to reflect more on God and think that we can and will be better next time. It's a long road, but if we look to those Saints and the Bible we will see that they too were going through a time of conversion as well. Thanks for posting about Mrs. Romney, and I agree I wish she came out with a book as well and her secret to raising such fine gentleman. God bless you and God bless America!


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