Saturday Surfing {favorite spots from around the web}

Saturdays are the perfect time for a little aimless web-wandering and here are few of my recent reads I'd like to recommend to you.

The Wild Surrender of Motherhood by Carrie Ann Moss @Annapurna Living
This new website launched this week and is absolutely lovely. Remember Carrie Ann Moss from the Matrix movies? Well she is now the founder and inspiration behind this blog.  Here is an excerpt of her vision for :

“To see womanhood through eyes of grace.” 
My desire is to live in a world where nourishment is valued. I believe a nourished family will lead to a nourished world. I believe life is beautiful and that our divine purpose in this world is to nurture the earth by respecting it and being grateful for what it provides us.
My wish is to inspire others to create beautiful, honest and satisfying lives.

My Other Ex: Women's True Stories of Leaving and Losing Friends @A Design So Vast
Unfortunately, over the past few years I have found that the challenges of female friendships continue into adulthood. This article helped me realize I am not alone in these experiences.

Gratitude Week 2014
Starts Sunday, November 10. Are you in?

Chapter One free download from The Best Yes book  by Lysa TerKeurst
I just finished reading this book with a book club. It was so good. Even if you know how to make the right decisions for your family and your personal time, reading a book that affirms your right to do-so is so validating.

Creamy Chicken Lasagna Recipe from Runner's World Magazine
I've never made this recipe but it got my wheels turning for an after-Thanksgiving meal idea to use leftover turkey. Thanksgiving is just three weeks away! Time to plan the menu and the fun.

Happy surfing!


  1. I haven't been keeping up with blogs lately and it has been ages since I've stopped by here but what a joy to find you today! I love the links you shared, and even more, I love the look of your blog. So pretty and inspirational. It truly refreshes my soul! Thanks. ;-)

    1. Hi Bobbi! Thanks for the kind comments and not to worry - there hasn't been much new around here for a while. Just going with the flow and for now it seems I have time for a little blogging again. Great to have you stop by.

  2. I love this Misty, getting ready to go read a couple clicks from here.

    1. Hey Jenny - good to see your friendly face too!

  3. So glad to see a new post from you, Misty!

  4. Really looking forward to checking out Carrie-Ann's site. Sounds remarkable!


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