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Mom's Banana Bread

Few things bring me back to childhood the way certain taste memories do. My mom's banana bread is one of them because it has always been different from every other banana bread I've tried. Mostly I don't care for banana bread because it is so dry. And don't even try to add walnuts! Having a mother who is allergic to all nuts, I grew up never having crunchy nuts added to brownies, cakes or muffins. Now I occasionally like them that way but Mom's banana bread remains nut-free. The reason this recipe makes such a moist bread is the use of shortening rather than butter and the fact that it is baked in a shallow, square pan rather than a loaf pan. Having a shallow pan allows the bread to bake through the middle before the outer edges get overdone. There is nothing simpler than this quick recipe. The kids love it and I often make extra and freeze it for a future weekend morning treat. Once you try this recipe you'll never fear those leftover ba

Daybook :: Holy Week 2014

Looking Up Spring has burst the doors open this week.  How kind of it to finally arrive and to set Easter weekend off in a proper fashion.  Coming out of physical therapy one day, I stood waiting for my mom to drive around and pick me up at the door. (Crutching -it's now a verb at our house- is not easy for long distances.) As I waited, exhausted, sore and a little down in the dumps, I happened to look up, and hanging right overhead were the most amazing poufs of pear blossoms. I imagined that they had been a bit down in the dumps just a few days earlier, eager to bloom and come into their yearly glory. They lifted my hopes and reminded me that though I am still awaiting my own Springtime, eventually, it will   finally  arrive. Listening to Wind whipping against windows, the wreath scratching the glass on the front door, boys awakening for the day and conversing with my sister in my kitchen. The butter knife scratching across toasted bread, clinking s

Petals :: 52 Photos Project

Where I live the Bradford Pears have bloomed and blown and the Cherry Blossoms are in full blossom.  Even though that means our allergy season is now officially underway, I cannot help opening our windows every morning in hopes of hearing the birds singing to greet the day.  Springtime has conveniently coincided with my personal recovery process from knee surgery.  As I am slowly re-gaining mobility on crutches it seems an added encouragement that the weather is also improving and the trees are welcoming my return with their flowers. What a treat it would be to be able to put down my crutches in time for Easter Sunday and walk again on my own! (I am doubtful but one can hope.) Sharing with 52 Photos Project :: Petals