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Vacation Dreaming {going home}

I awoke yesterday feeling a bit tired, overwhelmed and ready for a vacation from my vocation.   When did May become a second December ?  What I mean is that with three boys in school, May becomes a blur of end-of-the year parties, field trips, birthday parties, teacher gifts, graduations and awards ceremonies.  On top of that comes registration for summer sports or camps, tryouts for fall sports and loads of battered school supplies being dumped just inside the entrance to the house.  And I love all of it ~truly I do~ but somehow I just wish it could be spaced out a bit more rather than crammed into the last two weeks of May. I think part of my worn out feeling is that we have planned a summer getaway for an entire month.  The packing, planning and organizing the van for this three-day drive has been exciting and a great challenge to my list-making skills.  Then last night, at our older two boys' final track meet, my husband arrived, looking weary himself and gently wonde

Garlic Butter Naan {Baking With Julia}

The best part of this recipe is the fact that I forgot to knead the dough.   At all .   And this recipe called for ten solid minutes of kneading!   I was just so in love with the texture of the dough after it came together  that I simply cradled it in an oiled bowl,  placed it into a warmed oven and  watched it double in size in less than two hours.       Only after the rise did I read the recipe a bit closer and  realize my "knead-less" mistake.  (Sorry - I couldn't resist.) Somehow I knew the dough would still be delicious so I improvised,  shaping eight small disks with wet fingers,  poking it fiercely with the tines of a fork,  smoothing on a bit of pre-minced garlic  and sprinkling with kosher salt. The actual recipe called for scallions, cumin and caraway seeds  and didn't sound as munchable for my boys and their guest. I couldn't find a baking stone at Target (shocking!) so I followed in