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Birthday Boat Ride {PHFR}

PRETTY RW and ZJ were born twelve months and two days apart.  It was the most amazing déjà-vu I have ever had ~ returning to the same hospital ward, the same nurses attending, the same doctor, at the same time of year, to the same overwhelming memories of surgery and recovery and new life and heart-smacking love. It was the best. It seems so appropriate that every  February we get to celebrate Valentine's Day and the next day the birth of our firstborn son.  Two days later we celebrate the birth of our second son (and three months later the birth of our third). February is certainly a love ly month for us.  On RW's birthday we surprised the boys by taking them on a whale-watching boat ride on the ocean.  It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon, unseasonably warm and perfectly calm for a day on the water.  We saw small boats, naval ships, Coast Guard cruisers, gigantic cargo ships (clearly from China), lighthouses, beautiful homes and a gorgeous a

Quick Stop at the Beach {7.5 Quick Takes}

1. Yesterday RW and I drove a friend's son home from school.   They live in a house on the beach.  It was a wildly windy day but the sun was shining and since we were there, we decided to go get our toes wet.   2. We found some shells and snapped photos of ourselves looking like giants with the sun at our backs and our shadows extending toward the sea. 3. A while back a blogger I enjoy mentioned that she made a promise to herself to get outdoors at least once everyday. I know for a fact that my state of mind improves tremendously when I have the chance to hear the birds chirping, feel the breeze in my hair, let the sunshine kiss my skin.  As you can see by the expressions on our faces, our spirits were high despite the chilly air. We both felt refreshed even though our throats are still sore and we have not fully recovered from our sick week now two weeks ago. 4. I am still not used to the fact that we live on the very edge of the state.  Despite