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Catholic Woman's Almanac :: Vol. 4

Are you as eager for Fall as I am lately?  These fallen leaves at soccer practice gave me hope of things to come. Moments of Gratitude ~The best and smoothest first week back to school we have ever had. ~Great teachers, friends and parents to share our children's lives ~cozy thunderstorms, cooler temps and tastes of autumn ~my husband being home for two straight weeks without traveling for work (a blessing for him and for us) ~Prayers and asking God's blessings in our school    From the Kitchen Monday ::      Mexican Pizza   RW saw this recipe in Family Fun Magazine and we are trying it out tonight Tuesday ::   Chicken Yakitori and cilantro rice Wednesday ::  Leftovers Thursday  ::  my version of   This Delicious Pasta   with balsamic greens and sauteed peas and mushrooms Friday   ::  Leftovers plus brownies Saturday  ::  Out Sunday    ::   Sunday Soup Night ~ Rao's Minestrone       In my attempt to coax more Fall weather around here over

On The Street

Recently we attended a major political rally. We stood in line for over an hour, inching closer to the entrance, past the heckling protesters  yelling at our family to "Wake up!" (Our ten year old simply looked back at them and yawned.) Finally we passed through metal detectors and were flung into a jumble of people jostling to find their best view of the stage. Our spot was close enough  but all the adults were so tall. We had a lot more waiting to do. The boys were tired and hot. They sat down right on the pavement surrounded by shoes oblivious to it all. I was grateful in that moment for the experience and especially for the technology.

Back To School Today :: For Them and For Me

Having spent 23 years of my nearly 40 years of life getting ready to go back to school as a student and then as a teacher, it still seems strange to be the one staying comfortably at home in my jammies as my boys ride off to school with my husband on his way to work. There are so many things about a new school year I adore. new pens blank planners fresh, clean notebooks new backpacks  brand new shoes, clothes and that specially chosen 1st day of school outfit haircuts lunch boxes snack size treats to hide in their lunches love notes for them to find new teachers new schedules new friends big ideas, goals and dreams (I have to laugh at my tendency to buy myself new school supplies right alongside the items the boys' needed.)  As I type this note they have just departed.  There are dishes on the counter, pjs left in random piles around my kitchen, empty shoeboxes on the table and an unfamiliar sound - total quiet. I miss them already.

This Week in Pictures

Sharing with   The Little Bliss List Moments of Grace

Lewis and Clark and KC

One stop we made while on vacation in North Dakota was to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Fort Mandan .  It was quite small but interactive.  Here the boys each tried on the type of coat and hat worn by Lewis and Clark while on their exploration through the western United States which had been acquired through the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.   As a mother, I couldn't help but realize that these three photos will define the memory of the summer of 2012 for me.  The two older boys still young enough to dress up for the camera, one beginning his last year of Elementary School contrasted with my youngest, KC, swamped by the same coat and hat  and just beginning his Pre-K mornings of school this fall. When my first son was born my mom advised that with each passing year motherhood just gets better .  I have to agree with her.  While I miss the coos and cuddles of my baby boys, nothing compares to the hoots and howls they bring to our home through their more

Seaside Treasure Hunt

photo courtesy of my cousin Ann Participating in The August Break

Rain or Shine?

Driving home from Target today I saw that the sky was undecided. "Shall I rain or shall I shine?"  it seemed to be asking. Before long tiny  polka-dots of warm water decorated my windshield  only to be dried away by the return of the belligerent August sun. It was a simple but beautiful thing. ***

Summer 2012 Checklist Check-in

Summer is winding down at our house.  School resumes in 19 days.   Remembering the  eager plans   I had for the summer I figured it was time to see how many we have actually checked off the list.  Summer 2012 Opportunity List 1.  Swim in a pool 2. Swim at the beach 3. Road trip 4.   Visit family in North Dakota 5.  Visit Sister in North Carolina 6. Blanket fort 7.Game nights 8.  Waterpark 9.  Zoo 10. Aquarium 11. Read-aloud times 12. Family Bible study 13.  Ice Age 4 14. Picnic 15. Swimming Lessons 16. Fireworks 17.  Go to a MLB game (Pirates-vs-Giants) 18.  Make popsicles 19.  Bake a peach pie 20.  Go to a rodeo 21.  Amusement Park 22.  Take lots of photos 23.  Catch fireflies 24.  Go camping 25.  Finish travel Smashbook 26.  Make homemade ice cream 27. Make jam 28.  Blow bubbles 29.  Ride horses 30.  Farmer's markets 31. Inner Excavate Along 32.  Finish several books 33. Have boys

Delicate :: 52 Photos

52 Photos