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  1. What a neat peek into your life through your pictures. The sun flare over your husband mowing is beautiful. What book did you take a picture of, I ralize it's a Bible, but which one?

    1. I have fallen in love with the Sanctuary Bible: a devotional Bible for women (NLT). It is not Catholic but I love the blue ink and the devotions throughout. If you just read the pages between each devotion you can get through the Bible in one year (which I have never done but can always hope!)

  2. um, the word would be realize...

  3. I just love these Misty!! I like the Bible pic too and the verse you have highlighted.

  4. I love the dragonfly photo. My children marvel at dragon flies and we all feel so blessed when one alights on one of us.

  5. love your teacup picture! looks just like my desk.


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