Summer 2012 Checklist Check-in

Summer is winding down at our house.  School resumes in 19 days.  Remembering the eager plans  I had for the summer I figured it was time to see how many we have actually checked off the list. 

Summer 2012 Opportunity List
1.  Swim in a pool
2. Swim at the beach
3. Road trip
5.  Visit Sister in North Carolina
7.Game nights
8.  Waterpark
9.  Zoo
10. Aquarium
11. Read-aloud times
12. Family Bible study
13.  Ice Age 4
14. Picnic
15. Swimming Lessons
16. Fireworks
17.  Go to a MLB game (Pirates-vs-Giants)
18.  Make popsicles
19.  Bake a peach pie
20.  Go to a rodeo
21.  Amusement Park
22.  Take lots of photos
23.  Catch fireflies
24.  Go camping
25.  Finish travel Smashbook
26.  Make homemade ice cream
28.  Blow bubbles
29.  Ride horses
30.  Farmer's markets
32.  Finish several books
33. Have boys finish summer reading homework
34.  Send postcards (used Red Stamp)
35.  Take a blogging break
36.  Ride bikes
37.  Rollerskate
38. rest more
39. snuggle more

There is still time to continue checking things off this list but I don't really care if we do.  This summer has been one of the best in my memory as a mother.  No stress.  No obligations.  No failures.  Just summertime opportunities, taken, appreciated, and now remembered forever.



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