On The Street

Recently we attended a major political rally.

We stood in line for over an hour,
inching closer to the entrance,
past the heckling protesters 
yelling at our family to "Wake up!"
(Our ten year old simply looked back at them and yawned.)

Finally we passed through metal detectors
and were flung into a jumble of people
jostling to find their best view of the stage.

Our spot was close enough 
but all the adults were so tall.
We had a lot more waiting to do.
The boys were tired and hot.

They sat down
right on the pavement
surrounded by shoes
oblivious to it all.

I was grateful in that moment
for the experience
and especially
for the technology.

52 Photos Project


  1. Lovely shot of your beautiful boys.

  2. sometimes that technology comes in handy ;)
    your boys look sweet!

  3. I just love that your ten year old looked back at the protesters and yawned!! :)

  4. Keeping each other company.
    Loving this capture.


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