Catholic Woman's Almanac :: Vol. 4

Are you as eager for Fall as I am lately?  These fallen leaves at soccer practice gave me hope of things to come.
Moments of Gratitude

~The best and smoothest first week back to school we have ever had.
~Great teachers, friends and parents to share our children's lives
~cozy thunderstorms, cooler temps and tastes of autumn
~my husband being home for two straight weeks without traveling for work (a blessing for him and for us)
~Prayers and asking God's blessings in our school


From the Kitchen

Monday ::     Mexican Pizza  RW saw this recipe in Family Fun Magazine and we are trying it out tonight

Tuesday ::  Chicken Yakitori and cilantro rice
Wednesday ::  Leftovers
Thursday  ::  my version of  This Delicious Pasta  with balsamic greens and sauteed peas and mushrooms
Friday   ::  Leftovers plus brownies
Saturday  ::  Out
Sunday    ::   Sunday Soup Night ~ Rao's Minestrone 
In my attempt to coax more Fall weather around here over the past weekend I made our first apple pie of the not-quite-yet-apple-season.   Mmmm.  Many more to come I am sure.  Here's my super shortcut recipe

Before the apples went into the oven.

Hot Spots in Need of Attention

1.  Weeding out my clothes closet (donations!)
2.  Boys' school papers from last year (toss!)
3.  Planting for Fall and fertilize roses


What if you woke up tomorrow with only those things you thanked God for yesterday?

Reading September Book Clubs and E-Courses

1.  Unravelling e-course by Susannah Conway (I won this course free in a Twitter-chat.  So Grateful.)  I am also reading her recently published book, This I Know, about her experience through loss, grief and recovery.
2.   7 an experimental mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker.  Join the conversation @incourage Bloom Book Club.  Watch the book trailer here .
3.  Kept   #Hello Mornings Bible Study of 1 Peter


1.  This cracks me up because it is so true!
2.  Baked Chicken Taquitos Recipe - we have made these twice and they are DELICIOUS!

Looking Ahead

1.  Labor Day Weekend plans to do a family road-trip.  Destination unknown!
2.  Fall begins soon!
3.  Mom visiting in October


Blessings are everywhere if you only look closely enough.

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  1. Love your blessing picture...beautiful reminder to keep looking for the extroidinary in the ordinary+

  2. Fall can not get here fast enough for me! Mr. Pea and I were discussing moving north this weekend. Every blazing summer we endure makes relocating more and more attractive!

  3. Target. Is. Dangerous. That is all. :)
    And yes, I am ready for fall! I like summer in its own way, but I like the sports, clothes, cooking, and rhythm of fall.

  4. Yay for a great start to the school year! Homemade apples pies are the best. Always something to find in Target! Love that last photo you captured... it's beautiful! :)

  5. You are so right, blessings are everywhere! Glad to hear the week week of school went smoothly. I always, always dreaded the first day of school as a kid, so I can appreciate smooth transitions.


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