At the Water's Edge {52 Photos Project}

Sometimes I have to pinch myself that where we live, day after day, is actually a vacation destination for many people who come from far away to spend a weekend on the beach. They may have saved money for months to afford a few days splashing around in the waves and relaxing on the san that makes up our neighborhood.

I feel such gratitude that I can zip down the beach road on a whim, as we did yesterday, with less than two hours to spare; we simply needed to swim in the sea. It was almost 100 degrees outside and the sun gleamed in a brilliant blue sky. So off we went, while Kai was at camp, to the beach.  The older two boys swam gleefully as I read Bread and Wine and dreamed of delicious meals to make my sun-kissed family for dinner.

At one point I looked up and snapped this photo of my view. Then I pinched myself. This really is our home, our daily vacation spot, the place my boys have now lived for longer than anywhere else in their lives. We are living this beachy life, making our family's memories at the water's edge.


  1. What a great place to live! There is nothing better than a book ( read the page you were reading ...heavy stuff?) the sun , the sea and the beach.

  2. Reading in the bright sun, even with sunglasses, makes my head hurt, but the view of the water would take it away.

  3. Great shot with the book. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. This reminds me so much of my own life. We moved here in 1999. I still haven't gotten over the fact that we live in a vacation spot and it's available to me, everyday. We are truly blessed.

  5. Lovely shot of the ocean! Since moving from Kansas to New Zealand, I'm never more than an hour from the ocean and I giggle to myself about that all the time :)

  6. You are so blessed to live near the ocean!! Beautiful, Misty. Thank you for sharing to {the water's edge}.


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