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Fort Making Time {this moment}

This disheveled heap of blankets and pillows which has taken over my kitchen nook symbolizes one simple fact ~ school is out for summer. My boys are home, all day, everyday for the next three months and I am ready to slow down, sit still and savor their ultimate boyishness. Even if it means I have to sip my coffee elsewhere for a while. {this moment}                             

Waterdrops {52 Photos}

Sometimes you have to slow way down, lean in closer and really look at the magic that exists all around you.  Every bead of rain left clinging to a petal or a windowpane can become a mini-microscope revealing an entire world within. People are like that, too.  Each one a world unto him or herself with so much to teach us if we would only slow down, lean in and really see them for who they are within. Sharing at 52 Photos Gallery