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Snowy Day Update

It seemed like just what the doctor ordered to help this family surge out of our sick-inspired doldrums yesterday, this thickly swirling, fat-flaked snowfall that was the first of the year.  Facebook and Instagram exploded with exclamations "It's snowing!" and snapshots proving that clumps of snow really had gathered on the lawns because by the time the kids came home from school it was already gone.  Luckily for KC, he gets home at noon and was able to don his boots and puffy coat and dash into the "woods" behind our house to explore. I watched him, camera poised, and recalled the magic of the many first snowfalls I played in as a child.  The best time to play outside was just as twilight crept in and the pink-grey sky hushed the world and my sister and I left patterns of footprints all over our pristine yard. We felt as if no one else existed in the quiet universe, just us, our numbed hands, the only sounds that of frosty flakes mel

Sick Week

The sharp cough interrupted my late-night tidying of the family room pillows.  It came again while I was mounting the stairs and a wailing cry followed.  Croup.  I would know that sound anywhere.  Two of my sons are prone to that horrible seal-bark cough and on this night, I knew it was our youngest, KC, crying out for me.   Throat swollen, each breath is audible, a dragging in with great effort, an exhalation that often turns into a coughing fit so hard he gags with the force of it.  We have our routine down.  First the comforting hugs and kisses, wiping away tears and assuring that all will be well soon.  Then the sip of medicine to reduce the swelling and lower the flaming fever.  And finally, the rising from bed, draping ourselves in fuzzy blankets while padding to the front door to step into the fog-chilled night and seat ourselves on the stoop. It's kind of fun at that point.  We listen to the silence of our sleep-shrouded street.  Water drips down the gutters and plo

My Word for 2013

trust    /trəst/ Noun Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Verb Believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of. Synonyms noun .   confidence - faith - credit - reliance - belief verb .   believe - confide - rely - credit - hope - entrust I know it's cliché to include the dictionary definition of a word in one's essay but there it is.  Trust defined by Google: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something .  And since the most common mantra in my head (and out of my mouth) of late has been Trust The Process , the word lifted itself to the top of the list of words I was debating for directing my soul in 2013. 2011's word was Enough.  I had had enough of the physical clutter and mental noise in my life and I set about to tackle it. It worked.  From my pantry shelves to my Pandora play list, I made cuts and cleared space

20 Questions {2012}

Recently I began reading A Design So Vast , a writerly, reflective, unassuming blog by Lindsey Mead. I like it.  It's simultaneous simplicity and depth appeals to me.  She just  posted  her 20 questions and answers reflecting on the year now gone by, 2012.  I thought I would play along. 1. What was the single best thing that happened this past year?   turning 40 2. What was the single most challenging thing that happened? turning 40   3. What was an unexpected joy this past year? Falling (unexpectedly and belatedly) in love with sports.  Watching my two older boys play soccer and basketball at a more competitive level was no longer a test of endurance each weekend. I look forward to games and have even begun following some televised sports with my all-male family. (It was either join them or get DVR on my bedroom TV!) 4. What was an unexpected obstacle? Feeling a loss of direction mid-way through the year.  I lost the oomph to blog, to bake, to create.  I decided

Revisiting Comparisons

About a year ago I wrote a piece called "Comparison Kills Contentment" for publication at Catholic Mothers On-line. (Angie has re-vamped the entire site at CMO and I encourage you to stop by to see what is new and read some of those terrific posts.) As the entire world embarks on the whole new year, new you theme again this January, I thought you may need a reminder of what I consider to be the best source of renewal  . Just for today, don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle.  Be content.  Simply be at peace with who you are in this very precious moment.  Just be. Believe it or not, that is enough. My sister just texted me from the airplane. She and her husband are on their way to Germany to tour the Christmas markets – for the fifth time. Bring me a  lebkuchen,  I think as I close my phone and open the mailbox. The first Christmas card of the season has arrived. I haven’t even made one yet and was thinking I might skip it this year a

Letting Go of 2012

I've been allowing 2012 to vaporize and float away. Fading out and filling in.  That's what I've been doing over the past new days of the new year.  I found this marvelous FREE  printable workbook   from magical Susannah Conway to help me reflect on 2012 and peer gently into 2013. I highly recommend it.   Here's a bit of what I have realized was significant about 2012. ~All three boys are in school everyday (even though KC is only half days it was a significant change) ~We spent a memorable month in North Dakota during the summer with family. ~We did not fly to ND for Christmas and had our first family Christmas at our own home .  ~The boys got Xbox live accounts and began chatting incessantly with friends on headsets. (argh) ~I was able to let go of ideals and embrace running the boys to seven different practices a week in the evenings. ~I learned to bake breads , make jam , and take better photos (still learning!) ~Mr. Mornings and I have m