Letting Go of 2012

I've been allowing 2012 to vaporize and float away.

Fading out and filling in.  That's what I've been doing over the past new days of the new year.  I found this marvelous FREE printable workbook from magical Susannah Conway to help me reflect on 2012 and peer gently into 2013. I highly recommend it.  

Here's a bit of what I have realized was significant about 2012.

~All three boys are in school everyday (even though KC is only half days it was a significant change)
~We spent a memorable month in North Dakota during the summer with family.
~We did not fly to ND for Christmas and had our first family Christmas at our own home
~The boys got Xbox live accounts and began chatting incessantly with friends on headsets. (argh)
~I was able to let go of ideals and embrace running the boys to seven different practices a week in the evenings.
~I learned to bake breads, make jam, and take better photos (still learning!)
~Mr. Mornings and I have made time for dates and found fantastic babysitters.
~I blogged less and made mini communities in Twitter and Instagram.

There is so much more to recall but as I do, I realize that last year's post on making resolutions is still full of things for me to consider.  

Do you make resolutions?  What have you found that helps you work through the process?



  1. Don't you love that workbook? I have it printed, but haven't had the time to do it. I'm so going to sneak away this week and fill it out.

  2. That is such a beautiful image, Misty! I always try to set new goals every year... hopes and dreams. :)

  3. Have really enjoyed looking through your blog... so glad I found it! Looking forward to being a follower! :) Happy New Year! Great photo!!

  4. Misty: How lovely to have gone through the unravelling process with you--albeit in separate spaces. I found the experience really helpful; Susannah asks thought-provoking questions. Lots of good reflection and looking forward. I'm glad you had the same. Happy New Year!

  5. Beautiful, Misty! I don't really make resolutions (I can never stick with them). I just try to go into the year with the best of intentions & mini goals.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Thank you for sharing this week.


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