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Daybook 1-31-11

Outside my window …brisk wind, gray skies, wind-whipped bare branches, yellowed grass. I am thinking …how nice it feels to have this warm home to hide inside. I am wearing …comfy jeans, black tank and long black cardigan sweater with dangling stone earrings. I am hearing …Thomas the train video on in next room and Ella Fitzgerald "It's Only a Paper Moon" on Pandora. I am thankful for …candlelight in the early morning, peaceful weekends, hugs from my husband before he leaves for work. I am going … to take all three boys to the doctor this afternoon~time to have those ears checked.  All three had a feverish, miserable night. I am hoping …my friend's husband will find the right job for right now. I am praying for …healing in our family, my Aunt on her birthday today, the souls we have loved that have passed on before us. I am reading …   One Thousand Gifts  by Ann Voskamp . Slow-reading,

Little Things

The fog has thickened.  Sore throats, achy bodies and stomach flu have taken up unwelcome residence. In the midst of it all, I am praying and finding little things to celebrate: 1.  This, too, shall pass. 2.  My second son is making his first reconciliation today.  What a gift! 3.  " Only Mommy can make me feel better ." Precious words from my two year old this morning. 4.  Hot coffee. 5. Mommy gets to take a sick day too ~ a rarity ~ but in a way a treat. 6.  It's the weekend.  There is time for recovery. 7.  Your prayers.   Thank you . Now I invite you to leave a comment (or a link to your blog) and share a few of your "little things" today.

Soul Fever

The fog has moved in today.  Reddened cheeks, narrowed eyes, fevered hands.  Suddenly all plans shift toward tenderness, care-taking. Time for snuggles, soothing drinks and simplicity. Last fall our family came down with a different kind of fever.  A soul fever .   In his book,  Simplicity Parenting ,  Kim John Payne describes the affliction of the "soul fever" ~ a feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed and stretched beyond limits. It's symptoms include irritability, tantrums, even depression.  He prescribes a sudden simplification of routine ~ suspending after-school activities, possibly school itself for a day, and making time for simple pleasures, one-on-one time with a parent or time to simply be alone.  In our case, time to simply be . What began in September as exciting opportunities to play soccer, become a Scout and sing in the school choir by October became hurry-up-and-eat dinners, no-you-can't-play-outside evenings, and drag-a-two-year-old-along-past-b

Sunday Drive

After Mass on Sunday we took a Sunday Drive.  You know the kind.  No plan.  No destination.  Just a lazy drive somewhere new.  The kind where you have to pull aside to let the "real traffic" get around you.  The drive was inspired by Father's homily. He said to them, "Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men." At once they left their nets and followed him. Matthew 4:19-20 Father noted that they didn't have a plan, a map, a destination but still, they followed Christ.  They didn't say  "Yes!  I want to follow you but can you come back next week when I have everything in order and I   feel ready?" I began to think of all the things I put before Christ.  Each day I have a new opportunity to follow Him - wherever He may lead me and yet, like a bad waltzing partner, I keep trying to lead . I want Him to follow me where I had planned to go. My seven year old son, hearing Father's description of the Sunday Drive, whispere

Wordless Wednesday - 3

52 Weeks of Organizing - 3

Week 3 goal - put away all books after sorting and reorganizing.  Done! What about your goal for this week? You can join in anytime! Also, I had an idea for the printable organizing list  you can download here .  I am printing out a few more lists and creating more 52 weeks lists for things such as books I've read this year and recipes to try from my new cookbook. I love lists and I would love to hear about yours!

Daybook 1-24-11

A picture thought ... Look what they had at Walmart! Outside my window …sunshine, chilly winds and looming clouds full of overnight rain. I am thinking …about Spring thanks to my beautiful new tulips. I am wearing …I cannot tell a lie ~ the same green hoodie and jeans from the past two Monday's daybooks.  Time to find a new Monday outfit! I am hearing …the humming of the excavator in the lot next door where a new home is going up.   I am thankful for …my best friend and her unwavering support of my dreams. H2U! I am going … to go give my three boys a hug and kiss...okay I'm back.  :) I am hoping …I will find the family portraits that have been missing since we moved a year ago. I am praying for …my friend suffering from Rasmussen's Encephalitis and in need of a miracle and the success of the fundraiser planned for her in February. I am reading …   Sarabeth's Bakery : From My Hands to Yours by  Sarabeth Levine . I am creating …space for creativity each day. I am pon

Figuring Life Out - One Thousand Gifts

If you want to join in the book club discussion on-line go  here.

Easy Inspiration

Recently, during a MOPS meeting, the leader shared an idea I had never thought of before. She pointed out that the book of Proverbs has 31 chapters. One for each day of the month. An easy way to begin reading scripture would be to simply read the chapter that corresponded with today's date. Intriguing idea. I love the succinct wisdom in Proverbs yet I have found that reading an entire chapter at once is too much. Each and every verse is worthy of meditation.  Instead, I propose to narrow the search a bit further.  When you find yourself in need of a bit of inspiration, check the date and the hour and read the corresponding verse in Proverbs.  For example, imagine today is the 22 at 6am.  Proverbs 22:6 says: Direct your children onto the right path,    and when they are older,  they will not leave it. Reassuring words to begin my day.  Easy inspiration.

Running Toward

Sometimes the walls begin to press inward. The only shine on the floor is the sunlight reflecting off millions of tiny cars and trains scattered about. Beds need changing, laundry needs folding, grout needs scrubbing and meals need preparing. Cruising through each room, tossing cars and trains into bins, I am horrified to hear behind me the sound of an entire bin being joyfully emptied onto the just cleaned up floor. At these moments my fight or flight instinct kicks in. I have a habit of choosing flight . Scooping up my toddler, grabbing my purse and buckling in the van. Running away . As my toddler gently falls asleep in the car seat I drive aimlessly, sipping a Starbuck's, savoring the sense of freedom being a stay at home mom brings.  It is possible to simply run away for an hour. But then I return home. The mess awaits. The older boys return from school and the mess expands. And then one day I don't flee the scene. I make a radical decision to escape at hom

Wordless Wednesdays

52 Weeks of Organizing - 2

Have you finished your list?  I have and I am excited to think those pesky projects will finally get done this year.  Just having them out of my head and down on paper is a relief! Print your own blank list  here. I am not holding myself to go in order but simply to cross one item off each week. What about you?

Daybook 1-17-11

A picture thought ... Outside my window …gray, dull-looking day but temperatures are warming up! I am thinking …how nice it is to have the day off from school for the boys. I am wearing …jeans, green sweatshirt and socks. I am hearing …"S'wonderful" by Les Brown and His Band of Renown from 1949 on Pandora. I am thankful for …a fantastic family fun day yesterday full of backyard football playing, friends over and football on TV last night ~ all five snuggled together under fuzzy blankets. I am going … to drop ZJ off at a friend's, to pick up a friend for RW, and await the arrival of a friend for KC.  Playdates galore today! I am hoping …I can go stay with my mom in March. I am praying for …my friend suffering from Rasmussen's Encephalitis and in need of a miracle. I am reading …Paula Deen's Quick and Easy Meals magazine and dreaming of making lots of new recipes. I am creating …routines I will be able to follow. I am pondering …blogging ~ the why, the way, t

New Year's Revelations

Two weeks into the new year and many people are feeling like failures. They have not kept up with their noble list of resolutions made in the dreamy moments before dawn on January 1st. I have been there. Many times. Usually every Monday morning. Not this year. Instead of relying on myself to generate my list of faults and weak areas needing improvement (of which there are many), I am taking a new tactic this year.  I am just waiting. For God. Waiting for Him to whisper through the wintry wind and slowly guide me in His way. No resolutions. Instead ~ revelations . All I need to do is listen.

Books I Love #1

One of my most favorite books of 2010 was  The Gift of an Ordinary Day  by Katrina Kenison.  She writes beautifully about losing her job, moving into a dilapidated fixer-upper and trying to accept the inevitable growing up and leaving home of her eldest son.   I could not put it down.   It seemed to speak directly to me ~  especially since I had just moved far from my comfortable midwestern life, my two oldest sons were becoming more young men than little boys and I really identified with her desire to slow down and savor the simple moments of everday life. Check out her lovely website and blog  here .

Wordless Wednesdays

52 Weeks of Organizing ~1

Care to join me each Tuesday for organizing accountability? I found a great list at .  It is one page and has 52 lines for projects to do around the house this year.  52 Weeks of Organizing Printable  .  She advises that we do not write a huge project on each line ~ overwhelming and impossible to stay on track.  So instead, I am going around the house and looking for all those little "hot spots" that drive me crazy but are small enough that they just stay the same.   Today my only goal is to make the list.  Next week I will begin taking on the projects.  Each Tuesday I plan to report on the progress I made that week.  This will be my organizing accountability post!  Care to join me? Sirach 26:13-16 A gracious wife delights her husband, her thoughtfulness puts flesh on his bones; A gift from the LORD is her governed speech, and her firm virtue is of surpassing worth. Choicest of blessings is a modest wife, priceless her chaste person. Like the sun risin

Daybook 1-10-11

A picture thought... Outside my window ... waiting (and hoping) for a storm. I am thinking ... about New Year's Revelations. I am thankful for ...a fresh start. I am wearing yoga pants, teal hoodie and gold Mary medal. I am remembering ... Christmas moments I want to record forever. I am going ...nowhere today! I am reading ... Peace and Plenty by Sarah Ban Breathnach.   I am hoping ...for snow tomorrow. On my mind ...all my new routines I am ready to begin doing. Noticing that little boy is only two for four more months!   Pondering these words ... The Lord says, "I will guide you along  the  best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Psalm 32:8   In the kitchen ...tacos tonight, broccoli cheese soup on Wednesday,  attempting to bake bread from scratch on Friday. Around the house ...ready to make my 52 Weeks of Organizing list and get started. One of my favorite things new Yankee candle scent "soft blanket" that I burn w

Enough Books

My word of the year 2011 is enough .  With that in mind I took action yesterday.  I removed all the books on my "to read someday" bookshelf and stacked them by category on the dining room table.  My categories include: Catholicism, parenting, spiritual direction, organizing, reference, non-fiction and fiction among others.  I was amazed at how many books I own and a little ashamed to realize I am awaiting a small shipment from Amazon this week!  This photo is evidence of the need for enough in my life.  I do not need any more books at this time.  In fact, these piles make me feel behind and a bit edgy ~ like homework assignments I am procrastinating.  I really do want to read these books.  Books are my haven, my inspiration, my escape.  The reality is I just need to read what I have for now.  No more wanting, buying and storing for this year.  Simply read.  Enjoy.  Then pass them on.  This is enough. Join  Elizabeth Foss  in celebrating  simplicity .