52 Weeks of Organizing - 3

Week 3 goal - put away all books after sorting and reorganizing.  Done!

What about your goal for this week? You can join in anytime!

Also, I had an idea for the printable organizing list you can download here.  I am printing out a few more lists and creating more 52 weeks lists for things such as books I've read this year and recipes to try from my new cookbook.

I love lists and I would love to hear about yours!


  1. I LOVE the idea of 52 weeks of new recipes- one a week? I can't wait to add that to the 52 weeks of organizing. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I started by printing the 52 weeks list yesterday. Then, without writing anything on it, I went down to the basement and organized one corner. Just one corner...and it felt like I had moved a mountain. Then, I went to my desk, toppling over with papers, kids' art projects, magazines to read, and some junk mail, and I purged and organized it. Then, I went to the canned goods cupboard and cleaned it out. Have several things that are not in our new, better eating plan, so they are going to be given away. Next, for the dry goods cupboard - 1/2 way done there, but have to interrupt it to go to an activity with the kids. I guess I was too excited to tackle the messes and corners to write anything down! It's still blank!

    Thank you for your inspiration and your INVITATION to do this with you. H2U

  3. I think this is an awesome idea! ~Alana~


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