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My word of the year 2011 is enoughWith that in mind I took action yesterday.  I removed all the books on my "to read someday" bookshelf and stacked them by category on the dining room table.  My categories include: Catholicism, parenting, spiritual direction, organizing, reference, non-fiction and fiction among others.  I was amazed at how many books I own and a little ashamed to realize I am awaiting a small shipment from Amazon this week! 

This photo is evidence of the need for enough in my life.  I do not need any more books at this time.  In fact, these piles make me feel behind and a bit edgy ~ like homework assignments I am procrastinating.  I really do want to read these books.  Books are my haven, my inspiration, my escape.  The reality is I just need to read what I have for now.  No more wanting, buying and storing for this year.  Simply read.  Enjoy.  Then pass them on. This is enough.

Join Elizabeth Foss in celebrating simplicity.


  1. So glad to find your blog, Misty. I hope you'll come and visit mine and we can share our thoughts and become friends.

    Yes, often I hear of a book I MUST have, I buy it and then it just gets added to the pile and I never actually read it. Or I have a dozen books I've started and I don't finish any of them. I need more self-discipline! "Enough" - a good word. God bless

  2. I think it is nice to know I am not the only one with a shelf of 'to be read' along with a basket, and a table and a pile on the floor and.... yeah, I think you get the picture!

    I, too, am trying to get through my piles without adding to it this year. What a wonderful goal to work toward.

    And I love your word for the year: ENOUGH

    I might have to steal it for a while!

    Thank you for causing me to think some more.

    God Bless

  3. Oh, I know too well about book piles and Amazon orders. Last year, I decided to only order books from Amazon that my library system didn't have. I also decided that those books couldn't be ordered until the other Amazon books were read. I now have a wishlist at Amazon for the books.

  4. This is SO where I have been!!! I have this problem and also with the homeschooling books. As I was going through my Amazon wishlist of what to order for this year with our tax refund (when we do this sort of thing) I realized that even though my wish list is 4 pages long, I actually only needed 2 or 3 books tops. And even these we could do without if needed. Sometimes even good things can bog us down!!!


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