New Year's Revelations

Two weeks into the new year and many people are feeling like failures. They have not kept up with their noble list of resolutions made in the dreamy moments before dawn on January 1st. I have been there. Many times. Usually every Monday morning. Not this year.

Instead of relying on myself to generate my list of faults and weak areas needing improvement (of which there are many), I am taking a new tactic this year.  I am just waiting. For God. Waiting for Him to whisper through the wintry wind and slowly guide me in His way.

No resolutions. Instead ~ revelations. All I need to do is listen.


  1. Everyone has been talking about words for the year."All I have to do is listen"- listen- I agree. That is my word.

    Thank you so much, Misty for putting a link to my blog. You have made me feel very special. God bless.


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~Grace and peace to you~

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