52 Weeks of Organizing - 2

Have you finished your list?  I have and I am excited to think those pesky projects will finally get done this year.  Just having them out of my head and down on paper is a relief!

Print your own blank list here.

I am not holding myself to go in order but simply to cross one item off each week.
What about you?


  1. This is great, Misty! I definitely need to focus on organizing more intentionally these days as we are back and forth between two homes due to my dh's work. This series should really help me! Thanks! Look forward d to getting to know you over at the Bibe Study, too!

  2. I love how you talk about the corners of stuff that bother you but will just stay that way unless you do something about it. Seeing your list and plan in action, I will be getting on-board soon! Love the word REVELATIONS even more than intentions!

  3. I've put this off long enough! Printing the list tonight. Better late than never! :)

  4. Oh man! I'm just trying to find a pen that works! ;)


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