Daybook 1-31-11

Outside my window…brisk wind, gray skies, wind-whipped bare branches, yellowed grass.
I am thinking…how nice it feels to have this warm home to hide inside.
I am wearing…comfy jeans, black tank and long black cardigan sweater with dangling stone earrings.
I am hearing…Thomas the train video on in next room and Ella Fitzgerald "It's Only a Paper Moon" on Pandora.
I am thankful for…candlelight in the early morning, peaceful weekends, hugs from my husband before he leaves for work.
I am going… to take all three boys to the doctor this afternoon~time to have those ears checked.  All three had a feverish, miserable night.
I am hoping…my friend's husband will find the right job for right now.
I am praying for…healing in our family, my Aunt on her birthday today, the souls we have loved that have passed on before us.
I am reading…  One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Slow-reading, word-savoring, inspirational goodness.
I am creating…my own 1,000 gifts journal a la Ann.
I am pondering…this statement by Blessed Mother Teresa:
"The woman is the heart of the home.  
Let us pray that we women realize the reason of our existence:
 to love and be loved and through this love
 become instruments of peace in the world."
God is leading me…to be unafraid.
In the kitchen…this week: leftover Tomato Rice Soup  from Sunday soup night,  total cop-out rotisserie chicken and Bob Evan's mashed potatoes tomorrow and beyond that I have no idea but my eldest has requested salmon.   Mmmm ~ maybe sugar and spice salmon for Wednesday?
Around the house…tried to air out the  germs yesterday with all  the windows open.  Today need to scour bathrooms and go through receipts, write Valentine's Day cards and help son with Ponce de Leon project.  
One of my favorite things…having a big enough bed for all five of us to fall asleep together in it last night.  (No wonder we are all sick! ) :) 


  1. I love your picture of my favorite color of tulips. Candlelight in the early mroning sounds so peaceful and calming. I will be lighting some candles tomorrow morning for my quiet time. I hope you are all feeling better soon. ~Alana~

  2. Beautiful picture! I love to read about your setting through your Daybook entries May you all find more healing and rest from these icky germs. H2U

  3. I love the format of this entry. Very cool! Thanks so much for stopping by Write, Pray, Love. It was lovely to see you and read your sweet words. Be blessed, dearest. :)

  4. I too, love the idea of lighting the candle during my savored morning quiet time. Thanks for the suggestion! One thought, we have the flu making it's rounds here as well - Is it contagious via cyberspace?! Glad to hear you guys are on the mend. =) Amy


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