Little Things

The fog has thickened.  Sore throats, achy bodies and stomach flu have taken up unwelcome residence.

In the midst of it all, I am praying and finding little things to celebrate:

1.  This, too, shall pass.

2.  My second son is making his first reconciliation today.  What a gift!

3.  "Only Mommy can make me feel better." Precious words from my two year old this morning.

4.  Hot coffee.

5. Mommy gets to take a sick day too ~ a rarity ~ but in a way a treat.

6.  It's the weekend.  There is time for recovery.

7.  Your prayers.  Thank you.

Now I invite you to leave a comment (or a link to your blog) and share a few of your "little things" today.


  1. Praying you will all be feeling better soon. ~Alana~

  2. A First Reconciliation today! What a blessing! Thomas, my second son, had his in December.

  3. Thank you both. Your prayers have truly helped. My two year old is much much better and the 1st reconciliation was wonderful. He has been especially kind today! ;)

  4. So happy that your family is doing better and that all went well with the 1st reconciliation. Prayers to you for more continued healing! H2U

  5. Misty, I hope you are all feeling better! Saying a prayer for you right now. My little thought is, "Mommy, I love you!" said about fifty times today, accompanied by hugs. Doesn't get better than that!

  6. Congratulations to your son! Will he be receiving First Holy Communion very soon? Little things? It's our first day of the new school year and my 9 year old said, "I had a great day, Mum. I love learning new things." So encouraging. God bless, Misty.

  7. Misty

    Congrats on your son's First Reconciliation!


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