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Sunset Moments {Learning to Live Hands Free}

As  Murphy's Law would have it, I had a cell phone crisis while reading Chapter One of The Hands Free Mama by Rachel Mary Stafford . I reached my cell data limit a full week prior to the turnover to a blank data page. A full week early.  This has never happened before. Not even close. At first I thought it was my kids.  Surely they had been streaming Netflix on my phone at basketball games all month. "Those little guys are racking up all my data!" I thought. "They really have a problem with screen time and it must be stopped. Time to tighten the reigns!" I checked the data usage. Nope. It was me. All me. Does it make it any better that I was live streaming lots of Joyce Meyer podcasts while driving alone  to and from millions of appointments and errands over the past few weeks? They're Christian and uplifting, right? Oh, and I must admit to watching a fair amount of The Blaze TV while preparing several freezer meals for my family. I must stay on

Frosty Melting Days and My To Do List

How can it be February already?  The past two weeks of snow day drama made January evaporate as quickly as the frost on the tree branches. Now here I stand looking into February with these tasks on my mind: ~ Prepare for my mother's arrival on February 13 (she is staying for two months which requires intense bedroom/closet/drawer/bathroom preparations) ~Valentine's Day prep for school parties and a dance for our middle schooler ~ Plan two birthday parties for my boys turning 11 and 12 this month (send invitations, buy gifts, cakes, make arrangements etc...) ~Prepare my own accommodations as I will move into the downstairs guest room for a while post knee-surgery ~Continue the "Great Purge" of closets and drawers to clear my mental clutter and make the family run smoothly without much help from me ~Stock up on groceries and freeze ahead meals to assist my mother ~Finish my