Frosty Melting Days and My To Do List

How can it be February already?  The past two weeks of snow day drama made January evaporate as quickly as the frost on the tree branches. Now here I stand looking into February with these tasks on my mind:

~ Prepare for my mother's arrival on February 13 (she is staying for two months which requires intense bedroom/closet/drawer/bathroom preparations)
~Valentine's Day prep for school parties and a dance for our middle schooler
~ Plan two birthday parties for my boys turning 11 and 12 this month (send invitations, buy gifts, cakes, make arrangements etc...)
~Prepare my own accommodations as I will move into the downstairs guest room for a while post knee-surgery
~Continue the "Great Purge" of closets and drawers to clear my mental clutter and make the family run smoothly without much help from me
~Stock up on groceries and freeze ahead meals to assist my mother
~Finish my One Little Word pages for January and start on February
~Include Ali's 31 Things Pages and 52 Lists in my OLW binder

Phew! Just writing this out is a bit of a relief for me.  Now to make the time to get it all done in the next two weeks. 

What does your February look like?

P.S. I am experimenting with allowing anonymous commenters since so many of my family and friends don't have on-line profiles and therefore cannot leave me a comment on my blog. We'll see if my SPAM goes up or if I am enough "off the radar" that this setting can work.  I hope so!


  1. Beautiful images! I'm worn out after reading your "to do" list...! Mine is kinda crazy too, yet, I'm finding I love a busy schedule..I stay more focused! Hope all goes well with your knee surgery!!

    1. Thanks Karen, I'm a little worn out myself and so far nothing is checked off that list!

  2. I just found your blog through your link at Amongst Lovely Things. I love the reflective tone of your posts and your photos are SOO beautiful! I'm trying to figure out where you might live that would be considered a "beach town" and yet get that much snow. Since I don't live in the U.S. and don't follow the news, I'm not sure how far south Leon went. North Carolina? Georgia? Anyway, your photos certainly capture the beauty of the cold.

  3. I love your blog Misty. I have snooped it for awhile now. I am drawn to your faith and the warmth you have towards your homemaking and mothering!


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