Lewis and Clark and KC

One stop we made while on vacation in North Dakota was to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Fort Mandan.  It was quite small but interactive.  Here the boys each tried on the type of coat and hat worn by Lewis and Clark while on their exploration through the western United States which had been acquired through the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.  

As a mother, I couldn't help but realize that these three photos will define the memory of the summer of 2012 for me.  The two older boys still young enough to dress up for the camera, one beginning his last year of Elementary School contrasted with my youngest, KC, swamped by the same coat and hat  and just beginning his Pre-K mornings of school this fall.

When my first son was born my mom advised that with each passing year motherhood just gets better.  I have to agree with her.  While I miss the coos and cuddles of my baby boys, nothing compares to the hoots and howls they bring to our home through their more mature and hilarious personalities. Time cannot be stilled but pictures do remain, a touchstone for the memories of one spectacular summer vacation spent in the wide open world of North Dakota.


  1. Beautiful! How wonderful to have a set of photos like this of your boys. Something to definitely look back on with fond memories one day! :)


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