Birthday Boat Ride {PHFR}


RW and ZJ were born twelve months and two days apart.  It was the most amazing déjà-vu I have ever had ~ returning to the same hospital ward, the same nurses attending, the same doctor, at the same time of year, to the same overwhelming memories of surgery and recovery and new life and heart-smacking love. It was the best. It seems so appropriate that every  February we get to celebrate Valentine's Day and the next day the birth of our firstborn son.  Two days later we celebrate the birth of our second son (and three months later the birth of our third). February is certainly a lovely month for us. 

On RW's birthday we surprised the boys by taking them on a whale-watching boat ride on the ocean.  It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon, unseasonably warm and perfectly calm for a day on the water. 

We saw small boats, naval ships, Coast Guard cruisers, gigantic cargo ships (clearly from China), lighthouses, beautiful homes and a gorgeous afternoon silhouette of the commercial coastline. 


Another family and their out of town company were also on board and made it an extra special birthday outing for us all.

The boys kept watch on the horizon.  The guides told us to look for spouts of water to signal the whales' location.


Luckily the only shark we saw was on dry land.


And what about the whales you might ask?  Unfortunately they must have heard we were coming because they were nowhere to be seen.  The only animal life we encountered was a flock of birds on the water.  Not even a dolphin (and we always see dolphins)!  

So, we were grateful for the chance to chat with our friends, play with superhero toys and warm up in the indoor snack bar.  By the time we were done we were more than ready to go have RW's choice of birthday dinner which was one place we knew we would find fish ~ sushi! 


  1. What a grand birthday adventure! :) So glad that the boys had such a wonderful time. Happy Birthday to all.

  2. Lovely is right! What gorgeous photos and memories! My oldest two (boys) are 18 months apart. They are teenagers now and inseparable best friends, although their personalities are far from similar. So wonderful for them to have each other.

    And by the way, your whole blog is just beautiful!

  3. Thank you for the vicarious outing at sea! I love the ocean and lighthouses. No doubt about it, your kids enjoyed their birthdays!

  4. those smiles are contagious. :)


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