Garlic Butter Naan {Baking With Julia}

The best part of this recipe is the fact that I forgot to knead the dough.  At all.  
And this recipe called for ten solid minutes of kneading!  
I was just so in love with the texture of the dough after it came together 
that I simply cradled it in an oiled bowl, 
placed it into a warmed oven and 
watched it double in size in less than two hours.   

 Only after the rise did I read the recipe a bit closer and 
realize my "knead-less" mistake.  (Sorry - I couldn't resist.)

Somehow I knew the dough would still be delicious so I improvised,
 shaping eight small disks with wet fingers,
 poking it fiercely with the tines of a fork,
 smoothing on a bit of pre-minced garlic 
and sprinkling with kosher salt.

The actual recipe called for scallions, cumin and caraway seeds 
and didn't sound as munchable for my boys and their guest.

I couldn't find a baking stone at Target (shocking!) so I followed instructions 
and flipped over a baking sheet. 
 The oven was set to 500 degrees and the bread cooked in seven minutes flat.   

As soon as I took it from the oven I slathered it with softened butter on the back of a spoon.   

It was profoundly delicious - as in - I could have eaten three of these buttery discs myself.
(but didn't)

The boys agreed.   

 All I could think about as I savored this bread was
 how ridiculously easy it was without the kneading.  
I simply stirred together the yeast, water and flour and let it rise.  
It occurs to me that these breads have infinite possibilities 
and seem destined to become individualized pizzas
 It bakes so quickly that it could be a perfect side for soups or salads.  
I urge you to follow the links below to find the entire recipe.  
I will definitely make these again and purposely skip the kneading.  

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  1. Isn't it wonderful when mistakes turn out so good? Your naan looks wonderful and the boys are cuties! Next time I make naan, I will try the garlic, we are also not fond of cumin.

  2. Beautiful! I can almost smell the garlic and butter from here....

  3. Your `mistake´ just made this bread even easier! I will adopt the no-knead step and the butter right out of the oven!

  4. Yumm..your food pics are amazing. This looks soooo good. I bet they'd be good on the grill too.

  5. Lovely photos! I agree that this bread could be used for pizza. I think if I'm pressed for time, I may as well skip the kneading.

  6. I love your photos and the bread really looks delicious. I loved this recipe and thought it was really easy; of course, then I read your "kneadless" variation. Good for you.


  8. Ohh... looks delicious!! And looks like a crowd pleaser! lol

  9. Garlic & butter, what a great idea! they look delicious!
    I've added some veg to ours and we really loved them!
    I did not knead... KA did it :-)

  10. looks great! and sounds like it would go with any Indian food (or other dishes) that you are craving! :)

  11. You may have found the perfect way to make these. Your bread looks awesome! I may have to try this next time.

  12. I am featuring you tomorrow during Sticker Time! Thank you for visiting my party!

  13. mmm... butter, mmm... garlic, and no need to knead! nice job!

  14. I love it when kitchen "mishaps" work out just as well if not better than the original!
    Very nice.

  15. This looks delicious Misty! Pinning it now....must try! :)


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