Apricot Rugelach {TWD ~ Baking with Julia}

Not only have I never made rugelach before, I have never tasted rugelach before so I was going into this baking assignment blind!  The pastry dough was a mixture of cream cheese, flour and sugar and it was so delicious raw I knew we were in for something delicious at the end of the various steps.

The steps were relatively easy but there was some waiting and chilling time in between that was hard for  me my kids.  :)  I did not make the levkar (apricot puree) from scratch but this canned variety was fantastic. 

The cinnamon sugar topping was so yummy I made extra to sprinkle on the boys' morning oatmeal.

My nut-allergic mom and sister cannot fully appreciate the scent of toasted almonds and walnuts that filled the house!

I got a little brave with the second disc and found a recipe on-line that suggested leaving out the fruit and using mini chocolate chips instead.

It turned out a little to dry for our liking but I include these shots to demonstrate how beautiful this dough is to work with.

Unfortunately I was in a time crunch and went ahead and baked the cookies without letting them set in the fridge long enough.  As a result they spread quite a bit and did not hold their shape very well.  The good news is that my sons loved them anyway.

They declared them to be upgraded Pop Tarts which I couldn't really agree with because they were so much better than that! 

We will definitely make them again when I have more time and patience on hand.

Please follow the link to our baking hostess' beautiful blog, My Baking Heartto get the entire recipe. 


Next recipe on deck is appropriately Irish Soda Bread.  See you bake here on March 20th!


  1. Everything looks so yummy!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'm looking forward to catching up on your posts. I love the beach photos. They're beautiful!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  2. i made mine with chocolate butter and cherries :) yours look good! :)

  3. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuum these look fantastic!!!

  4. I chilled mine and they still unraveled :/ But they did taste yummy...whew!

  5. I have not bake rugelach and thought of baking it too in the near future. Love your step by step pictures showing how you bake your rugelach. Very useful for me to learn how to bake my rugelach.

  6. Yum!! Those look really good. I bet they are a thousand times better than pop tarts. Saw your beach pics too..beautiful!

  7. Upgraded pop tarts sounds like high praise coming from the kids :-)
    Like Liz - I chilled mine and they still did not behave & stay together.

  8. your dough looks like a totally different animal than mine was! lucky you :)

  9. oh wow..my mom used to make this...i have yet to even try...looks yummy!!

  10. These look delicious. I think using pie filling is a great idea and you can never go wrong with chocolate chips.


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