Oh Camellia {photopoem}

a luscious profusion
of pink perfection

gobs of cotton candy
stuck by giddy children
all over evergreen

buttercream centers
sweet tart petals
falling delicately 
into pink puddles below

how have I lived this many springs
never witnessing such
casual elegance on every corner

dark green leaves
silent all winter but knowing
their Springtime would come

and they would become
the star of the sea side

and this girl's

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  1. Beautiful photos, lovely pink!

  2. SUCH a wonderful poem and the pics are absolutely AMAZING!!
    I love this part of the poem:

    "buttercream centers
    sweet tart petals
    falling delicately
    into pink puddles below"

    Genius. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. So pretty Misty! These grow in your yard? You must love to look at them and enjoy their beauty.

  4. So very beautiful. Thanks for sharing


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