Nature Edition {Little Bliss List}

1.  Redbud Trees in bloom.  My current favorite.

2.  Foggy morning walks into the mysterious beyond.

3.  Mr. Mistysmornings completing a half-marathon last weekend and our whole family heading to the beach (along with way too many other people) to celebrate him. So what if it took us an hour to locate one another ~ being in a sea of people is a bliss all its own ~ right?

4.  Raindrops on pansies and patios (and POLLEN bursts!).  Oh, how I adore rainy days in Springtime.  Especially when they are accompanied by flashes of lightening and crackles of thunder.  Nothing says cozy like warm rainfalls, cups of coffee and time to read~ read~ read.

5.  Fresh starts.  We all need them. Right now, I need one and this change of seasons has brought new vigor to my creativity.  I am eager to bake, read, write, blog, photograph, Smash* and garden.  What about you?

I hope your weekend brings you time to indulge in your creativity, too!

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  1. I love these photos...especially the rain and pansy photo.

    Have you decided to go to Allume? Would love to meet you!

  2. Beautiful photos! Enjoy your trip to the beach, that will bring all kinds of bliss.

  3. Marvelous photos. I've never tried to take a picture of the rain and I've always wanted to go see sand sculpture but I live inland and not close to a beach.

  4. Your photography is always inspiring. Maybe I should ditch the cell phone and get a real digital camera. ;D

  5. Wow..that redbud is amazing! We have one out front, but the colors are not nearly so vibrant! I also love the pics of the rain hitting the table...beautiful.

  6. beautiful photos



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