Blossoms, Iced Coffee and Reading {Little Bliss List}

1. The trees have unfurled their blossoms this week.  Allergies have kicked into high gear but not even congestion can keep me from loving every moment the landscape is dotted with trees tops that appear to have snagged a cloud directly from the heavens.

2.  With the surging temperatures I dropped all pretense of work yesterday and spent two hours watching KC play at the park followed by two hours watching him play in the sand at our local beach.  I spent my time fiddling with my camera, experimenting with photos of the waves, KC and of course...

3.  the lone surfer near the pier.  Summertime does not hurt, right?

 4.  The first iced coffee of the season ~ sipped on the deck ~ while wearing my new black sunhat ~ reading this book ~ beneath the crystal blue sky.  This encapsulates my bliss.

5.  And to top off this little bliss list, look what arrived in my mailbox this week!  The Pioneer Woman's second cookbook Food From My Frontier.  Can't wait to make another iced coffee (or maybe hers) and sit down to plan next week's menu.  Good thing we didn't give up delicious home-cooked meals for Lent!


  1. Looks like the perfect day Misty! A beautiful day, good drink, good book. Perfect! :)

  2. Visiting from Liv's Bliss List - - Your photographs are beautiful, I especially love the clouds. You've had a wonderful week.

  3. what a lovely day! sounds like you truly enjoyed it!



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