Foggy Morning Fun {PHFR}




It was so foggy this week that several neighboring communities put school on a two hour delay.  That was my cue to grab the camera and get outside for a while. 

Dew hung in droplets on every leaf and twig, mist swirled over ponds and secreted the horizon.  At first glance the woods appeared gray and dark but as KC and I explored a bit, we found several bursts of color and mystery.  These pink and green pods were by far my favorite  discovery.



While I snapped, KC dribbled his mini basketball and clung to his Hot Wheels car.  Just seeing his joy made me happy.


Unfortunately, our visit was cut short in order to get KC home to a bathroom.  Ha ha!

Even spider webs become beautiful scraps of lace when brought out of the shadows covered in mist.  This truly was a misty morning. :)

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Good for you that you're looking for beauty on a foggy day - or is that easy for someone named Misty? :D

  2. Beautiful photos! What a morning, I can only imagine it was even more impression in person.

  3. Oh wow... they are all so gorgeous Misty! I love the fog photos. Such beauty in rare days like that. That is my kind of exploring. Looks like so much fun! :)

  4. Your photos are so lovely. Thanks for joining!

  5. OH my gosh...loving your pics these days. I want to live where you live! I love the trees and the fog.


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