Getting Outdoors Again {PHFR}


The weather is suddenly warm and people have burst out of their homes just like these buds on the trees in our backyard.  Somehow the sky seems bluer and the sun seems brighter since the weather improved.  There is a fresh joy on people's faces and a bit of a bounce in their step as they pass one another on the newly crowded sidewalks.  Spring is springing quickly and we are determined to soak it all in.


KC has a homemade bow and no arrows.  He likes to sneak around in the "forest" hunting bad guys, dinosaurs and those wild coyotes we supposedly have nearby.  I cannot convince him that the bow is used the other way around and for now, I could care less and so could he.


Every time I see a cardinal I feel blessed by a spiritual visit from my Grandpa Julius.  He used to love birds and taught me to enjoy birdwatching as we cruised lazily along River Road in his long brown car when I was very young.  We must have a whole family of cardinals in our area because I have seen four and five at a time pecking in our grass and mulch-beds.  This one was having his breakfast while we were eating ours yesterday morning before school.  It took this photo (extremely zoomed in) from our kitchen window.  My son says it looks fake and that none of my blog readers will believe it was real.  I promise it is!

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  1. I believe it's real, but cardinals are almost TOO perfect, aren't they?

  2. I love the boy with his bow and arrow. That is truly a great sight!

  3. Your little fella is awfully cute with his bow! I was just noticing the red maple buds yesterday - and our weather has been terrific.

  4. Praise God for the beauty of nature and your darling blessings.

  5. What a wonderful Robin Hood :) Dinos and all.
    I love cardinals too - great photo!

  6. I am envious of your photography skills. Your photos are always so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Bobbi. It is mostly the camera's work!


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