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Caught In The Act















All the clues were there ~ the scritching and scratching heard in my laundry room while loading the machine, the puffs of dryer lint littering the driveway, the long straws fluttering out of the dryer vent one night while the dryer was running and I was shooting hoops with the boys.  It was clear that some newlywed couple was setting up house in our dryer tubing.  Not a bad choice I must say, but as landlady, I vowed not to rent to this couple, no matter how cute they might be.

This morning, as I crept the van into the driveway after dropping the boys at school, I stopped short of the garage.  There they were, perched as if on guard duty over the vent.  I reached for my camera and prepared to wait.  They were smart.  They took their time.  After a few flyovers they got comfortable with me and made their entrance into their new condo.  It must still be warm from the load of laundry I had run earlier today, I thought.  

She went in first and he quickly flew to stand watch over her.  I chuckled to myself as she seemed to be calling instructions to him from inside sticking her head out for emphasis.     As if she were dictating a shopping list for Home Depot she chirped and he listened intently before flying off alone.  She continued calling to him the entire time until she finally flew out, returning to her original perch.  As I started up the van, my camera armed with all the evidence I needed to prove to my own husband that we had squatters, the couple flew into a tree safely keeping watch over me until I was tucked inside what must appear to them as one big dryer vent of my own.

Love is in the air.  Can you feel it, too?   Maybe today you'll do a little nesting of your own...


  1. Oh my gosh! Hilarious! I'm impressed that you got so many good shots.

  2. I just loved this! We have been watching our bluebirds all day feathering their nest. :)

    1. Thanks MJ. How are you? I have missed your blog updates (no psu tho). :)

  3. Great shots you were able to get! Love the imagery of the woman chirping orders to the man. : ) Just in case you're wondering, birds HATE aluminum foil. We had some "squatters" too a few years ago. All we had to do was put a few pieces of aluminum foil where they were building, right near our front door, and that was the end of it. They never came back, even when we took the aluminum foil down a few days later.

    1. Stephanie - I was wondering what to do and this is simply brilliant! Will let you know if it works here too.


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