About Misty

A Catholic convert,
stay at home mother of boys,
 seeker of truth and peace,
baker of goodies,
 blogger of simple things,
and cheerful keeper
of a cozy home for my beloved family.

Welcome to my blog, Misty's Mornings.  I began this adventure in January of 2011 and have been blessed by the kindness and beauty of the on-line world.  It all began because I am in love with words.

As a young girl, I wrote in journals and created my own "books".  As a teen, I formed a Dead Poet's Society with my best friend and two guy friends.  We drove into the woods at night and read poetry by flashlight.  As a college student, I wrote research papers on Victorian Literature, wrote (really bad) short stories for creative writing classes and a few decent poems for poetry 101.  Once I became a schoolteacher, the time for my own words decreased and later, as a new mom, words left me altogether.

After ten years of parenting three young boys with my whole heart at home, I found my way back to my words and began sneaking downstairs in the dark of morning to share them with my computer screen and eventually with anyone who found my little blog.  Along the way I  discovered that photos really do convey their own words and I have begun learning to write with pictures.  There is  so much more to learn and to share and that is what motivates me to keep blogging.  I hope you enjoy your glimpse into one mom's extraordinary ordinary days.

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More than anything, I see my blog as an opportunity to create new friendships with fellow word-lovers, day-dreamers, goodie-bakers, and women of faith and fearlessness.  Thank you for stopping by Misty's Mornings!  I would love to hear from you.


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