Catholic Woman's Almanac :: Vol. 3

The boys and I have lots of beach days ahead of us for the next three weeks.  Unfortunately, at the above outing I was stung in the ankle and bled while swimming.  It was probably a sting ray but it freaked me out and now I am paranoid.  My husband said, "It is the ocean you know." Exactly. My. Point.  :{ Fortunately, the boys are completely undaunted and are having the time of their lives in the waves.

Moments of Gratitude
~a week of daily swimming at my sister's pool
~KC (age 4) learned to jump into the pool and swim to the edge all by himself
~a date at the beach alone with my husband (we have never been able to swim without the kids before!)
~thunderstorms and plenty of rain
~waking up this morning to the scent of strong coffee already made by Mr. Mornings 

Beauty in the Ordinary
a doozy of a t-storm brewing Friday night

From the Kitchen
Berry Gallette for Baking with Julia on Aug. 7th
Lots of fresh veggies from the farmer's market (Not much cooking)

Hot Spots
(I am adding this category to consider any projects that I feel are in need of doing this week.)
1.  Gift wrapping closet organized (Still on the to-do list)
2.  Schedule lots of appointments for August
3.  Go through boys' school uniforms and decide on what we need for the fall

~for RW to make a new and wonderful friend at school this year as his best friend moved to the West coast
~for the families affected by the Aurora movie tragedy, may they find healing
~for my husband who has a wonderful but stressful job, may he find peace in each day
~for my dear neighbor, may she be healed!

Yet many believers cease their religious education as children, and expect it to carry them through adulthood. James Martin, SJ from The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything

~to the boys~
Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder
(I need a new selection after finishing The Chaperone)
~in print~
The Memoir Project : A Thoroughly Non-Standardized Text For Writing & Life by Marion Roach Smith


Looking Ahead
ZJ's soccer season begins with practice tonight
Birthday party to go to on Thursday
Company coming for the weekend

school supplies have been purchased (phew)

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  1. Misty...I love the hot spots category (stealing gracefully lol) This would help with goal setting maybe?

    This is a wonderful CWA. The pin made me lol because it's so true...i can identify. Beautiful pics too :)

  2. How fun that you all can just go to the beach whenever. We are land locked! I love school supply shopping, always have. One of my favorite stores is office supply store, LOL!

    That is scary about being stung! As an adult I see some places we used to swim as kids, like the creek behind my uncle's house and I wonder {outloud} "Who was in charge of us!! Why were allowed to swim in a creek!!"

  3. I love the beach! What a wonderful time it must be (minus the stinging thing, of course!) I've been avoiding school supply shopping because then it means that school must be right around the corner. Ugh! I also love the picture of the storm. We haven't had much rain here at all, so even a storm would be a welcome sight. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rain! Rain! It's a beautiful thing. We've been dry as toast for a while, and broiling hot as well.

    We sorted through school uniforms this weekend, culled out too small ones to pass to friends, and started a list of things to be procured.

    I LOVE school supplies! The saddest thing to me is that our lists haven't included crayons for many years. I miss the smell of a new box of crayolas.

    Have a marvelous week!

  5. I LOVE Farmer Boy! Except it always makes me hungry for the food that is described in each chapter. I tried the milk and popcorn once as a kid. Yum.

  6. Sorry you were stung... that is scary! Oh that thunderstorm looks beautiful. Praying for rain here. Love the pin... had to repin that one! :)


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