Jamestown {PHFR}

The week of Thanksgiving I had the chance to go to Jamestown colony with my son's fourth grade class on a field trip.  It was a chilly gray day, adding to the history and sense of difficulty the early colonists experienced.  Throughout the settlement there are reconstructed buildings one can tour and even see people cooking over fires and musket ball guns being demonstrated.  Like my field trip to Williamsburg in the Spring, I think there is nothing better than doing a bit of time travel in such beautiful natural settings. 






  1. Love the pics, Misty. Jamestown is definitely on my list of places to visit. My family and I have been to Williamsburg several times and they STILL want to go back. Hope your Advent is off to a peaceful beginning! : )

  2. Wow... what a neat place. These photos are beautiful!

  3. Great photos! Thanks so much for joining!


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