Crimson {52 Photos}

Mid-way through my morning coffee yesterday I looked up from the book I was reading on my deck and my gaze fell upon my new potted hibiscus tree.  There were no open blooms but three buds that were clearly beginning to open. I wondered how long that process would take. By the time I finished my coffee (and had a second cup), the blooms were only partially opened, like a vase, flaring gently at the top, a glimpse of invitation to passing pollinators.
Later that evening my boys tumbled outside to run through the sprinklers and create a new type of tag ~ water tag. Iced coffee in hand I stepped outside to supervise and prevent the need for (another) trip to the ER. Glancing across to the hibiscus I was rewarded with three wide-open palms of variegated blossoms. And there at the center, like a bumble bee bullseye, was a mini bloom of crimson.

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  1. what beautiful detail you have captured in this image.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the sun flare peeking over the top of the flower.

  3. Misty, I've already said it on instagram... This is GORGEOUS!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Excellent - I particularily love the light in the corner. Hibiscus is my hubby's favorite in the garden!


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