August Break {breaking back into blogging}

These pics are all from the Big Picture Classes Phone Photography Project in July.  

So July 2013 is in the past. Once again I have gathered all my favorite moments in the Project 365 app photo calendar.  August is here and brings the daily countdown to an early start to school on August 19th.  I have officially purchased the school supplies, uniforms and backpacks.  We have yet to find comfortable black shoes that my newbie middle schooler will deem "cool" enough that I can also tolerate buying for him.  These pre-teen years are truly a roller coaster ride of finding the middle place where he and I can meet.  Thankfully he has a gentle spirit so our disagreements aren't so bad. (Do I need to add "yet" to this sentence??)

Anyway, in honor of the boys going back to school I have decided to go back to blogging this month!  2013 has been such a growing year for me yet I have shared so little of it here in my sharing space.  So when Susannah Conway suggested her annual August Break it seemed like a low-pressure way for me to make time to return to this favorite spot.  Her concept is to take a photo everyday for August and share it on one's blog - with or without words - as a mini bloggy vacation for dedicated bloggers.  Ironically, as I have posted so rarely this year, it stuck me as an opportunity to easily slide back into regular blogging.  She has a list of daily prompts at her site and you can share them on Flickr and Instagram using the hashtag #augustbreak2013.  Hope to see you there (and here) often!

The August Break 2013


  1. It's nice to see you back! I always love your photos. :-)

  2. I look forward to enjoying more of your inspirational thoughts! I can't believe it is (almost) back to school time : )


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