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Summer Planning and Fun for Moms

Once again I am amazed at how much the month of May resembles the frantic pace and pressure of December. There are so many end-of-year parties, graduations, and programs to attend and in one's free time there is urgency to sign-up, register and reserve spots in all sorts of summer camps and classes.

For someone (me) who prefers life at a stop-and-smell-the-roses pace, this time of year can make me feel like I have ADD. I cannot focus. I run errands sure that I have forgotten something when I leave the store. Suddenly all sorts of escapist novels seem appealing and I am pining for slowed-down summer days.

Except that this year we have a pretty jam-packed summer schedule lined up for the boys. First, there is Vacation Bible School. The older boys will be volunteering as helpers and my newly minted 1st grader will attend for the first time.  Then comes a week of all-day basketball camp for Rhys and Zach.  I look forward to having Kai all to myself for an entire week. He is an enthusiastic new reader whose greatest love right now is going to the library. We are set!

July brings a week of summer fun camp just for Kai when I will have the two older boys all to myself. That week will be full of trips to the beach and the water park where they can run (nearly) free and I don't have to keep an eye trained on my little one every second. This spells heaven for me because I can enjoy the sun and the water (from a distance) while I read books and magazines galore.

The following week in July, my middle son will attend a week of all-day soccer camp at a local college. He cannot wait. While he is there, I will be knee-deep in packing for our summer road trip to our home-land, The Dakotas. In honor of my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary we are driving 1900  miles (gulp) to meet up with them and all their children and grandchildren in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We will stay in one huge cabin making daily visits to the local sights which my own children have never seen : Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Deadwood, Lead, Spearfish Canyon. These are the places I frequented at their ages and now I get to share them as a mom. After touring South Dakota we will head to our hometown of Bismarck, North Dakota for a while before making the return drive home.

And believe it or not, school will be ready to start again shortly thereafter.

So all this planning for the boys got me thinking about how moms should also have some summer plans just for them. I have come across several on-line summer opportunities that seem like fun creative-outlets for me over the summer. 

Read-Along Fun The Little Oratory with Elizabeth Foss and Leila Marie Lawler . Buy the book here. The meet-ups begin Wednesday, May 28th on Elizabeth's site. (Free but for the cost of the book.)

Instagram Fun Phone Photography Project 2 from Big Picture Classes. I did this last summer and loved it. This year looks even better and Ali Edwards has joined the crew. The sharing begins July 17th and ends August 18th. ($59.00)

Cooking Fun I read this post by Lindsey and felt the urge to make this little ritual a part of our summer. Maybe you will too? Family Dinner - A Design So Vast (Free)

Pinterest Fun Pinterest is loaded with fun ideas for your Summer Bucket List. I have a board devoted to saving them and this year I plan to consciously check some of them off the list. This board is much better. The Happy Family has a free challenge you can sign up for here. (Free)

What do you have planned? Please let me know if there is something I should add to my list!


  1. That's a great way to put it - Mama's need a summer camp, too. : )

  2. We went to South Dakota about 4 years ago and had so much fun. We went the end of March and got to see Mt Rushmore and Custer State Park right before a blizzard hit!! We'd never been in a blizzard before. The roads were clear the next day and our friends took us sledding in the Black Hills...the HIGHLIGHT of the trip.

    Have you seen Calamity Jane? She sings, "Take me back to the Black Hills, the Black Hills of Dakota...."

    1. Daring of you to travel there in March but at least you got to have the full blizzard experience!

  3. Misty, I love your thoughtful summer plans! I have the trips and camps planned but I haven't taken time to consider my hopes for the summer . I will now. Right now I am reading The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma. I picked it up at the book fair at school. It is about the reading life of a father and daughter. It has spurred Cormac and I to make our own reading promise this summer. I think you would enjoy the story of the relationship and the challenge that grew from a dedication to reading and family.

    1. Hi Kristin,
      I have heard the story behind that book and now I need to add it to my reading list. Thanks for the idea! So fun to see your face here on my blog. Hope you and your adorable boy have a very special summer together!


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