Quick Stop at the Beach {7.5 Quick Takes}

1. Yesterday RW and I drove a friend's son home from school.   They live in a house on the beach.  It was a wildly windy day but the sun was shining and since we were there, we decided to go get our toes wet.  

2. We found some shells and snapped photos of ourselves looking like giants with the sun at our backs and our shadows extending toward the sea.

3. A while back a blogger I enjoy mentioned that she made a promise to herself to get outdoors at least once everyday. I know for a fact that my state of mind improves tremendously when I have the chance to hear the birds chirping, feel the breeze in my hair, let the sunshine kiss my skin.  As you can see by the expressions on our faces, our spirits were high despite the chilly air. We both felt refreshed even though our throats are still sore and we have not fully recovered from our sick week now two weeks ago.

4. I am still not used to the fact that we live on the very edge of the state.  Despite being born and raised in the exact middle of North America I have always been drawn to water and love the laid-back lifestyle lived by the sea. Every time I turn to look south along the coastline I am amazed to be standing right there, on the edge.
5. If you peer closely to the left of the photo there are two surfers in wet suits that looked at a loss for a decent wave. They get an A for effort though.
6. Our only company on the beach was this person and his dog. He was better dressed for the day with a hoodie and warm pants however it made him look a little scary as well so we kept our distance!
7. As evidence of the windstorm we have had the past few days  check out this railing along the steps onto our beach.  They are buried as was the bench off to the side.  It reminds me of the snowbanks I grew up with in North Dakota. I surely don't miss shoveling.

7.5 We left our mark in the sand yesterday and promised ourselves to be back sooner than later to soak up the simple pleasures of a quick visit to the beach. Maybe you can make time to stop by the nearest natural wonder in your area this weekend. It does perk up the soul!


  1. I can smell the sea, thanks to these beautiful photos and words. LOVE IT! Peace, my dear.

  2. Oh my, I really need to get outdoors more often myself. You look radiantly happy!

  3. I just love the ocean. We just returned home from two trips to lovely warm weather and the ocean. Hard to come home to snow! I can see why you don't miss shoveling :) Beautiful photos.


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