House Blessing Ceremony

Friends come from all places.  

Even from completely different faiths and traditions.

What we have in common is the soul-deep love of life, friendship, faith and family. 
We share the ability to remain strong in our individual beliefs, no matter where we may live or how different we feel from the world around us.

These dear friends asked us to join them in the blessing of their new home.

We were honored to attend, to share, to witness, and to absorb the amazing display of traditions going back hundreds of years.

There is so much beauty in the sacred rituals of life.
May God bless their family and their home with health, wealth and happiness forever.


  1. This is just lovely, Misty. Traditions are so important and necessary for this life. How lucky to get to share in this!

  2. Thanks MJ. It was so unique and my children's eyes were big a saucers. The food was delicious too but I was too busy eating and neglected to take photos!

  3. Pretty. I used to VERY obsessed with India. I was going to be a nun and work in an orphanage. I love their bright colors, pretty fabrics, beads and I elephants. =)


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