Making Time for Art {NaNoJouMo}

Remember when I posted recently that I have been looking into art journaling?  Well, I found a little inspiration to get me going through the month of November.  Dawn DeVries Sokol is hosting a free month of journal prompts called NaNoJouMo which stands for National Non-stop Journaling Month.  Here is some background on the idea and here is where you can go to join in the creative fun.  I am not planning anything grand, just a month of making time to scribble, doodle and jot in a small hardbound notebook I'll keep beside my computer.
Also, for the month of December she is hosting Doodle 12:31.  This is a paid class but I took a leap and treated myself to it for Christmas.   Another reason I am glad to already have my Christmas tree up - more time for doodling!
So if you are feeling the need to squeeze in some quiet creativity during the busy holiday season, gather up some flair colored pens and a simple journal or even a stack of index cards and join me for a month of artistic exploration!
Let's see what happens!


  1. Oh how exciting!! I might have to join you in the journaling every day thing. I need a new notebook. I'm finding that I don't like having the spiral bound kind, because I'd rather make a bit doodle than a broken one with a spiral in the middle. Can't wait to see your scribbles!

  2. Yay Elisa! I am glad to know I am not going to be alone but I am far too shy to post my first two days of scribbling here. Have you checked out her Flickr group? Whew! I am excited to try some new techniques and learn more this month. Please share anything you make with me too!


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