Winter Storm Leon

Unlike last Wednesday when we awoke to a snow day glistening in the sun, today's snow day is the very image of winter, smokey gray sky and everything else draped in starkly white snowdrifts.  I can tell the boys had enough of the snow last week because they went out once and came back in quickly.  Their teachers sent them home with homework this time in anticipation of missing several days and it looks like they'll have plenty of time to get it all done. Our dear neighbor had to make it in to work and promptly wound up stuck in front of our house.  With a little shove from my husband he managed to make it out of the neighborhood. Hopefully he is safe and sound on his ship by now. Our beach town is ill equipped for snow this deep.  They declared a state of emergency last night and have brought in snowplows from elsewhere to help clear the roads.

In the rush of excitement for this snow storm I stocked up on goodies. I plan to make a Mexican meal of chicken enchiladas, guacamole , a favorite in our household.  I also bought several disposable tin pans and will be making some foods for the freezer in preparation for my surgery in three weeks.  The plan is make extra enchiladas, beef and bean burritos, lasagna, banana bread and pumpkin breads. We'll see if I get around to it or end up dropping everything to read by the fire.


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