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Can you guess where I have been?  I had been saying I was going to visit my mother and relatives in Arizona but upon return, I realize I went on vacation.  A real one!  No cooking, no cleaning, no rushing around.  It was heavenly and all thanks to my beautiful mother.  I miss you Mom!  

My two year old son was with me while Dad took care of the older two at home.  They had a guys weekend for sure.  Lots of sports to watch and to play together.  They even cleaned the house and did the laundry while I was gone.  Kudos honey!

My toddler had four other children his age to visit while in Arizona.

I had lots of free time for chatting while they played in the backyard at my cousin's under the orange and grapefruit trees.

We were even treated to another delicious version of Paulie's Salmon.  

Smelling the scent of  blooming orange blossoms drifting through a shaded patio while sipping coffee made me deliriously happy!  

The desert has a beauty all its own.  I found it was even more beautiful in close-up detail.

We stopped at a lovely Franciscan retreat center and I briefly explored the grounds.

It was nestled into the curve of the mountain.  There was a labyrinth for meditative walking and healing gardens where flowers were just beginning to bloom.

My favorite spot was at the foot of this huge mosaic of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  A nearby fountain trickled quietly and begged a traveler to stop and sit a while.

Reflecting sunlight illuminated the mosaic and Mary appeared to be glowing with love and purity.

Returning to the East Coast on a chilly March day was a bit of a shock after so many breezy, beautiful sunny days in Phoenix.   Sometimes it is hard to believe that people live in dramatically different landscapes and climates from the one in which I live.  What a wonderful world!

I had thought I would be able to blog while away, and I did once, but now I am back and looking forward to returning to the familiar family routine.   I missed blogging, connecting with commenters and keeping up to date with the bloggers I love to read.   

Most of all I missed the feeling of all five of us being together as one family.  We belong together ~ not apart ~  and being reminded of that is the greatest souvenir of any vacation.

There's no place like home.


  1. Hi Misty
    Thanks so much for popping over my way and your kind comments...

    I love your post today.. some beautiful shots.. and I really love mexican religious icons and architecture.. fabulous

    Have a wonderful day!!... ciao xxx Julie

  2. Hi Misty ~
    These are beautiful pictures...and I can just smell those heavenly flowers. Our dear friends live outside of Phoenix, and you are so right, I cannot believe how different the landscapes are!

    ~Mary Jo


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