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Daybook 3-14-2011

A photo thought

Outside my window…blue-gray skies and rumbles of tractors and building equipment next door and across the street.
I am thinking…about the beauty and blessings of family and the renewal of springtime.
I am wearing…dark jeans and a really comfy new tissue tee and matching cardigan from Target.  Love it!
I am hearing… the most adorable conversation between my two year old and his Grandpa.  They are coloring together at the kitchen island and hearing their togetherness is warming me all the way through.
I am thankful for…the sudden arrival of my mother and father-in-law last night.  They were to arrive in two weeks but due to unforeseen circumstances called yesterday morning and said they were on the road and would arrive around 8 pm.  Needless to say the rest of the day included many cleaning and tidying projects as well as more groceries and fresh flowers!  I love having company - it pushes me to take on many tasks I would normally put off for later.  Now the house is sparkling for the week ahead and I can enjoy playing cards with them in the evenings.
I am going…to lunch with my husband and son and in-laws.  I'm thinking Macaroni Grill or somewhere Greek.  Another great result of having company - an excuse to eat out!
I am praying for…my oldest nephew who suffered a terrible fall while skiing on Saturday.  He is in the hospital recovering from brain trauma.  I thank God he was wearing a helmet which cracked from the impact.  Please pray for him.  He has had several brain surgeries over his lifetime and needs to avoid one now.
I am reading…The Miracles of Mary: everyday encounters of beauty and grace by Bridget Curran.  She has researched and compiled many short stories about Marian apparitions, artwork, icons and inspirations from all around the world.  Reading about the many ways in which Holy Mother Mary has reached out in love to her children to teach and guide us in how to better live and serve Jesus is both moving and convicting.  As a convert, it took me along time to get to know Mary personally but now I thank her for helping me become the mother I am today.
I am creating…jewelry!  I have never ever made jewelry but I just bought some beads and silver charms and stretchy string at Michael's and voila I have a new sea-glass bracelet!  Watch out friends and family, I think I know what you'll be getting for birthdays this year.  :)
I am pondering… these words from Benedictus - Day by Day with Pope Benedict XVI:
"If you're interested in quick happiness, then faith doesn't work.  And perhaps that is one of the reasons for the crisis in faith nowadays, that we want our pleasure and our happiness at once, and not to take the risk of a life-long venture ~ a venture made in the the trust that this leap will not end in nothingness, but that it is by its nature that act of love for which we were created.  And which alone gives me what I want: loving and being loved and thereby finding true happiness."
God is leading me…to trust, at all times, in all ways, for always.
In the kitchen…I just baked four apple pies this morning for a raffle at the boys' school.  (ok, two are staying home for us!)  Planning to have my husband grill pork tenderloin for dinner tonight and later this week I'll be making Giada deLaurentis' Mushroom Ragu.
Around the house… pussy willows, yellow tulips, blue hydrangeas and purple mums.  Spring is coming!
One of my favorite things…praying the rosary with Grandma and Grandpa before bed last night.  Hearing Grandpa lead the prayers will be a forever memory for my boys.


  1. Love the family togetherness, Misty! I will pray for your nephew's recovery, too. One question my friend, what is your secret to finding the time to read so many inspiring books with the kids and everything else that life brings in a day? Inquiring minds want to know =) Thanks!

  2. Ha ha Amy! Luckily for me and for my reading KC still needs me to lay down beside him or sit beside his bed to get him to sleep. That is when I read my own things using a tiny book light. I feel like a kid sneaking a book under the covers!!


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